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Post Docs seeking Pediatrician, Primary Care, and Dental

Aug 2009

Hi, we are seeking advice/recommendations for Pediatrician, adult Primary Care, and Dentist. Both of us are staring postdoc at UC Berkeley, and we are living in the University Village in Albany. I guess we are looking for a Pediatrician for our 10-month-old baby boy (best would be Albany/Berkeley area where it's close to home), as well as a Primary Care Physician for us and an adult/pediatric Dentist (both would be best if near work in Berkeley). We would really appreciate your inputs, and would love to hear your experiences (both positive ones, and not-so-enthusiastic ones). BTW, we have the UC postdoc insurance (Health Net HMO for medical, and Principal PPO for dental). Thanks a lot! Ray and Phoebe

There's Kiwi Pediatrics , which is right next to the McDonalds next UC Village on San Pablo. It's only a 5-10 minutes walk depending on where you live in the Village. There are 3 docs there. You can read the reviews. I like them and I know lots of Village parents go there.

I don't know if PostDocs have the same types of insurance as staff. But staff has the option of using the Tang center on campus (if you're using Healthnet). I found this option to be the easiest. I love the Registered nurses when I have my annual and I also like the doctors when I've had to see them. You rarely have to wait long, which is great. The only reason I had to switch out was because they only do basic care and couldn't support me when I was pregnant. anon