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Post Docs seeking Pediatrician, Primary Care, and Dental

Aug 2009

Hi, we are seeking advice/recommendations for Pediatrician, adult Primary Care, and Dentist. Both of us are staring postdoc at UC Berkeley, and we are living in the University Village in Albany. I guess we are looking for a Pediatrician for our 10-month-old baby boy (best would be Albany/Berkeley area where it's close to home), as well as a Primary Care Physician for us and an adult/pediatric Dentist (both would be best if near work in Berkeley). We would really appreciate your inputs, and would love to hear your experiences (both positive ones, and not-so-enthusiastic ones). BTW, we have the UC postdoc insurance (Health Net HMO for medical, and Principal PPO for dental). Thanks a lot! Ray and Phoebe

There's Kiwi Pediatrics , which is right next to the McDonalds next UC Village on San Pablo. It's only a 5-10 minutes walk depending on where you live in the Village. There are 3 docs there. You can read the reviews. I like them and I know lots of Village parents go there.

I don't know if PostDocs have the same types of insurance as staff. But staff has the option of using the Tang center on campus (if you're using Healthnet). I found this option to be the easiest. I love the Registered nurses when I have my annual and I also like the doctors when I've had to see them. You rarely have to wait long, which is great. The only reason I had to switch out was because they only do basic care and couldn't support me when I was pregnant. anon

Reviews of Anna (Bloxham) Harte from East Bay Internal Medicine (Orinda, CA)

May 2003

I'm researching primary care physicians. We just switched from Blue Shield to Healthnet HMO, and I have to change doctors. I'd like to stay with the Alta Bates Medical Group. I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions of Anna Bloxham and Michele Bricker who work at East Bay Internal Medicine in Orinda with Dr. Ann Stevens (who comes highly recommended by a lot of people, but who is not accepting new patients).

I am a member of HealthNet HMO and my primary care physician is in the East Bay Internal Medicine group. I saw Dr. Anna Bloxham once last year when my doctor couldn't see me for an urgent care issue. I loved Dr. Bloxham! She has a very reassuring manner and she is really personable. I think she'd be a great choice. (As a side note, I have been very happy with the practice in general.) An EBIM Patient

Regarding Dr. Anna Bloxham at East Bay Internal Medicine. I am a patient of Dr. Bloxham's and I like her very much. I originally saw another physician in the same group who worked such limited hours that I practically always had to see another physician anyway. One of the others I saw was Anna Bloxham. I find her very proactive and concerned with my total health, not just the disease of the moment. She is very caring and addresses difficult issues tactfully, with respect, but clearly, so that you understand that the issue is important. She is not especially good at answering non-urgent phone messages, but I have recently begun emailing her, at her suggestion, and she responds promptly. The practice is very well organized and I have had few problems getting referrals in a timely manner. The office staff are very friendly and helpful, as well. Dr. Bloxham is also willing to schedule early morning appointments (before the office actually opens) for certain procedures such as pap smears, and is very good about fitting patients in, sometimes having them schedule to see NPs and then coming in during the exam. Although in general I feel the quality of health care is seriously slipping, I find that Dr. Bloxham remains caring and engaged, despite the horrible pressures under which physicians work these days. a satisfied patient