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June 2007

Re: Looking for advice about breast reduction
I got breast implants when I was very young (22) and for the wrong reasons. I had been wanting to remove them but I was worried about being left deformed. I went to Dr. Joseph Togba in Oakland who pretty much restored my faith in western medicine. He removed my implants and did such a great job that you can't tell I've had 2 breast surgeries. He's not only an amazing surgeon but a fantastic human being. I highly recommend him. Lil chichis

August 2006

Re: Plastic surgeon for breast lift/augmentation
Hi I could have sworn I posted a positive recommendation for Dr. Togba before but did not see it in the archives. I had a breast reduction/lift done in October. I had very uneven breast from nursing on one side and have been agonizing over the surgery for a number of years. I was nervous about the procedure, the recovery and the scars. Well, I am so glad I did it and Dr. Togba did a phenomonal job. I was back at my job after 2 weeks and recovered very fast. Scars are minimal, you can't even tell. I am so happy I went through with it and cannot recommend Dr. Togba enough, i would go back to him in a heartbeat. anon

May 2006

Re: Recent breast reduction?
I did not see the orignal posting but I want to recommend Dr. Togba in Oakland - here is the link to his website I had a breast reduction in October and he did an absolutely beatiful job. I was very nervous at first but Dr. Togba was able to put all my fears at ease. The procedure itself was without any complications and I was able to resume most of my daily activities after 1 week and fully back to work at 2 weeks. I have had little pain and the scars are minimum. A friend of mine had the same procedure and we compared the outcome, and I am happy to say that the incisions and scars looked far better. His office staff is also very friendly and helpful, so the overall experience was great. Dr. Togba has good relationships with the various insurance companies and mine ended up being paid for, even though I did not expected it because my breasts were not huge to begin with. happy with my new breasts

Dec 2005

Re: Breast Reduction & Price of Surgery
Hi I had a breast reduction a couple of months ago performed by Dr. Joseph Togba in Oakland. You don't mention if you have insurance. I was prepared to pay for the surgery because I did not think I would qualify for a reduction (I went from a size D to a size C) but the insurance paid it in full. You might want to schedule an appointment with him. He is a highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon and he has done an amazing job, I could not have been more happy. You can check out his website at anon.

July 2004

I am interested in hearing of anyone's experience, good or otherwise, with plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Togba of Oakland. Thanks.

My daughter fell while at daycare and required stitches to her face...we were referred over to Dr. Togba as her pediatrician did not want to stitch this injury. It was after 5PM by this time and Dr. Togba waited until we could get over to his office. He was very kind and took the time to do it correctly. His staff was just as great.. If I needed plastic surgery I would use him again -- his care and quality were excellent. BTW-his bedside manor although not a major concern, is quiet and reserved.