Summit Pediatric Medical Group (Orinda)

(925) 254-9500

4 Country Club Plaza Orinda, California 94563

  • Doctors in this practice: Jennifer Dovichi, James Evans, Robin Meezan, Pelen Wu
    Robin Meezan was previously with Pediatric Medical Group and has reviews on that page.

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RE: Seeking a female pediatrician ()

My kids have been seen Dr. Robin Meezan (Summit Pediatrics in Orinda) since they were babies and she's amazing. She's down to earth, thoughtful, practical, funny, and develops a great rapport with the kids as they grow. She has two kids of her own so she totally gets kids and parents and is never judgmental. I've never felt rushed and no question ever feels awkward or stupid with conversing with her. Her office is right off of the Orinda exit (Highway 24). I travel from Oakland and it's usually a quick ride.

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Sept 2009

Re: Pediatrician in Walnut Creek area
They're in Orinda, which is close, and I highly recommend any of the doctors at Summit Pediatrics. 4 Country Club Plaza, Orinda 94563. 925 254 9500. Linda

Feb 2009

Re: Pediatrician needed in Orinda area
Summit Pediatrics in Orinda has been just great for us for 18 years. We like all their docs a lot, and they have men and women of older and younger ages. The doc we started with has retired (Dr. Chamberlain), but everyone else we've met has been great. 4 Country Club Plaza, Orinda 94563; 925 254 9500. Good luck. Linda

Nov 2008

We've been with Summit for 18 years now! We love them. All the docs are super-competent and confidence-inspiring. We had Dr. Chamberlain most of the time, but I think he's only part-time now. The women docs there are great. I can't say enough about the practice. They've been there for us at every turn, and we'll be sad when we finally have to let them go for an ''adult'' doc. My son, who has always new people and new situations was comfortable there. They seem good at every age. Linda

My boys have been seeing Dr. Dovichi at Summit Pediatrics for a couple of years. We love the practice! We've never had a problem getting an appointment, getting advice over the phone and the front office staff is very friendly. Two friends recommended this practice to us and we haven't been disappointed. Joy

Jan 2008

Re: Pediatrician near Montclair for twins
We've used Summit Peds in Orinda, just through the tunnel and easy to get to. 925 254 9500. Any of the docs there would be great. They take BC PPO. Linda F

Sept 2007

Hello, Does anyone have any feedback on Summit Pediatrics in Orinda and on the Pediatricians at this practice, particularly Jennifer Dovinchi and Pelen Wu. They seem to be rather new in the practice. I'm seeking trustworthy, reliable, and helpful pediatricians for my 1 year old daughter. Thank you. Parent Seeking Reliable Pediatrician

I love Summit Pediatrics. We used to have Dr. Mar as our regular doctor, but she is no longer with the practice. Since her departure, we have been seen by Dr. Dovichi regularly. I like her manner with my kids and she is very warm to me as well. Dr. Dovichi has three kids of her own and so she knows what it's like to be a parent. We have been seen by Dr. Wu once and by Dr. Takeo often. Dr. Takeo is pretty great too.

My daughter has a heart defect and is therefore monitored more than kids with no chronic health problems, so we see more of them than most families would. Our kids are recognized by the staff. The waits are never very long, and they get you to a room as soon as possible to eliminate cross-contamination from sick kids.

While I do wish they were closer (we live in Berkeley), we are very happy with the practice and are willing to travel to get the care we can expect from Summit Pediatrics. Laurel C

We've used Summit Ped. for years now. Some of the doctors have changed, but everyone we've seen has been great. The office is well-run, too, and it's easy to get to from anywhere in the East Bay. Linda F

We have been going to Summit Pediatrics since my son was born 9 1/2 months ago. I originally interviewed and signed on with Dr. Takao. However, he has since taken on increased responsibilities at Children's Hospital and so is frequently not available for appointments. Instead we have seen both Jennifer Dovichi and Pelen Wu among a few others there including Dr. Kudlu.

I really like all three, Dr. Dovichi, Dr. Wu and Dr. Kudlu. They all have different styles so I would recommend meeting with them before making a decision. My husband and I are very conservative on most issues and so we prefer to have a pediatrician who is similar and have found Dr. Kudlu to be our best match. However, as with all children, we have had things come up or minor ''emergencies'' when I have seen the other two docs and think highly of them both -- and am comfortable talking with both of them. They all have stellar education backgrounds. I think there is a lot of value in a pediatrician who is newer to practice in that they know more about recent research and practice and they aren't ''set in their ways''. All three of these women are moms so they have plenty of first hand knowledge to boot.

I find the practice to be very good. I have always been able to get in same day if needed. I always get a call back from a doc on call within about 10 minutes. The receptionist and nurses are all very pleasant and helpful. I would recommend the practice to any parent with young children. Good luck! Mom from Oakland

Our 6 year old twins have been with Summit Pediatrics since they were born. They are under the care of Dr. Takao who is wonderful; very patient, great with the kids and explains in detail. We have seen other doctors at the practice when Dr. Takao hasn't been available and have been pleased with all of them. During one appointment with Dr. Dovichi, one of my kids threw up on her (he was really sick) and she was very understanding about the whole ordeal. I highly recommend the practice. Great doctors so one less thing to worry about.

Jan 2000

Our pediatrician is Kimberly Mar at Summit Pediatrics in Orinda. Dr. Mar is great - fun with the kids, highly professional, smart, willing to listen and she takes the parent seriously. She's quite young (which I think is a plus - my son and she can grow old together) and she's awfully cute (in the best possible sense; no insult at all intended); her colleagues at Summit Ped. are older (to varying degrees - Harris and Chamberlain are getting up there, while Takao is somewhere in his 40s) and provide any necessary gravitas a parent might require. I like them, too. And the nurses are uniformly swell. Wendy

My 15-month-old and I are very pleased with Kimberly Mar of Summit Pediatrics in Orinda. Dr. Mar makes it a point to let parents know what new events are upcoming in a child's development, and she has taken our concerns seriously and spends time interacting with our child. Her colleagues are older and highly competent, which is great when she's not available, but she's my favorite by far, and several of my friends have switched from other practices to her. The nurses are great, too.

Jeanette (6/99)

I highly recommend our pediatrician, Dr. Kimberly Mar of Summit Pediatrics in Orinda. She is fairly new to the practice which is also the practice of Dr. Loyd Takao and Dr. Chamberlain. I think Dr. Chamberlain writes for the Parents' Press from time to time. Dr. Mar is young and enthusiastic about her profession. I find her to be very honest, caring, and easy to talk with. If I have questions, she takes the time to answer them carefully. The benefit to her being a recent graduate of med. school (I believe she completed her residency within the last three to four years) is that she is well versed in the latest findings and practices. The benefit to her being part of a well established practice is that she can draw on her colleagues for sage advice if needed. I highly recommend her. I'm sure if you were to call and set up an interview she would be more than happy to discuss your concerns. Here's the info for her:
Dr. Kimberly Mar
Summit Pediatrics
4 Country Club Plaza, Orinda
925 254-9500


Laurel (6/99)

My 9 month old son has been seeing Dr. Kimberly Mar at Summit Pediatrics in Orinda. The telephone number is 925-254-9500. We really like her and the office staff. Since we only have one car, driving over the hill from Berkeley is really inconvenient, so we had to switch to a local pediatrician. We've never had a problem getting an appointment with Summit Pediatrics and the waits are pretty much non-existent. Dr. Mar is young -- she just finished her residency at UCSF, I think -- so I am pretty sure she'll be accepting new patients. Good luck,

From: Wendy (10/98)

I would like to second Jeannette 's endorsement of Kimberly Mar (in fact, I think we are living parallel lives; I think we also have the same OB/Gyn). At any rate, my 6-month old has been seeing Dr. Mar since birth, and we have been very happy with the care she provides him. We have always had our questions fully and satisfactorily answered; we never feel rushed, she has a very loving and caring manner as well as good credentials, and Sam always seems delighted to see her. She is young, as Jeannette mentioned, but her partners are not, and can provide the experience, if necessary.

From: Annie (10/98)

I would also like to suggest the Summit Pediatric Medical Group (in Orinda) to those folks who have Bay Physicians/Alta Bates group and can't find any pediatricians accepting patients. I had the same problem in January. I would recommend both Drs. Philip Chamberlain and Kimberly Mar. My husband and I have been extremely pleased with their medical care.

From: Laurel (10/98)

I just wanted to put in a plug for Dr. Mar, who was recommended last digest. She is our son's pediatrician and we are very satisfied with her. She's pretty young, which means she doesn't have loads of experience to back her up, but this also means she is familiar with recent studies re: child vaccinations, breastfeeding, family bed, etc. We saw another doctor in the same practice and he was a bit behind the times. Summit Pediatrics is also affiliated with Hill Physicians Medical Group.