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March 2008

Re: Pediatrician open to no/few vaccines?
You may want to check out Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley. We absolutely love the practice and find the drive well worth it. . They integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine and are very supportive of a parents choice to not vaccinate or vaccinate selectively one at a time. fan of pediatric alternatives!

Re: Naturopathic Physicians/Homeopath Pediatrician (Jan 2005)
I recommend Pediatric Alternatives. Drs. Lindy Woodard and Stacia Lansman. I recently switched my son to this practice and have been very happy with the care he and we as parents have received. Pediatric Alternatives is located in Mill Valley and both are pediatricians who practice homeopathy. They are bringing on another Pediatrician and an Acupuncturist. Their phone number is 415-380-8448. They also have a newsletter if you want to get a sense of who they are and what they offer. K. Tergesen

April 2004

Re: Pediatricians Who Practice Non-Western Medicine
Hello. i highly recommend Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley. , particularly Lindy Woodard, MD. they are 2 doctors, Lindy and Stacia Lansmann. Lindy is also a homeopath. Our son is almost 2 . we've been going since he was born. we don't vaccinate and won't . Many of their clients don't. they are really supportive of parents choosing and use mostly eastern medicine in their practice, but know when western medicine would be necessary. they have a chiropractor on staff and support (at least Lindy does) extended breastfeeding and co sleeping also. they are both great as far as health issues go. Stacia didn't seem as pleased with our extended breastfeeding and co sleeping so i recommend Lindy more. but that'w where everyone in know who doesn't vaccinate goes. congrats on your decision! feel free to email me off list if you want more info. attachparent

We drive from Berkeley to Mill Valley to see Lindy Woodard with Pediatric Alternatives. She and her partner are MDs and homeopaths and work with both Eastern and Western medicine. I could go on for days about how wonderful this practice is--and we have been to many. Elizabeth