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"We" breastfed our daughter until she was 2 (in keeping with World Health Organization guidelines, and as is common elsewhere).  She's now 2.75.  Our doctor was Dr. Dong Lin in SF Chinatown, and while I wouldn't say he encouraged us, he certainly didn't have any problem with it.  He is about the kindest, gentlest person we know, very supportive unless there's a reason not to be, and an excellent (western medicine) physician.  His English is fine.  He also always seems available to see her.

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June 2006

I am due on 7/19 and am looking for a good pediatrician in the Laurel Heights area(San Francisco). Thanks

We used Dr. Fukuda (3905 Sacramento St) four years ago when our daughter was born at CPMC. We had intended to use her only for the first month and then switch to an east bay dr since we lived in the east bay . We loved her so much though, we kept driving in to see her well past her first birthday. We just loved her Kelly

We've had excellent experiences with both Brock Bernstein and Robert Saffa. Both are CPMC physicians. They are in the same practice. Dr. Saffa is really very relaxed and laid back -sort of an old timer who is very thorough and really works with you. Brock is fabulous too. We had our son a year ago at CPMC and started out with Brock and ended up seeing more of Dr. Saffa because our schedules worked that way. I would highly recommend both of them. We have several friends who are physicians and all their kids go to either Brock Bernstein or Robert Saffa. They are located right in Laurel Heights at 3838 California, Suite 111. You can call them at 415-666-1860. Best of luck! Anon