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March 2009

I've searched the site and can't find this particular question. I just got Blue Cross PPO insurance and need to find a primary care physician in or near Alameda. Any recommendations? Thanks! anon

My husband and I use Alameda Family Phys in Alameda on Santa Clara Ave(right off Park St). They have md's for all ages and even an obgyn. We use Primary Peds on Park Street for my daughter. Alameda PPO

I like Dr. Tsao who is with a medical group on Central Ave. She listens well and sent me to specialists when needed without needing to be pushed to do so.

August 2008

I can't find any reviews really about Dr. Carper from Alameda Family Physicians as an OB doctor, so I'm looking for parents who have had direct experience with him. Awaiting birth in Alameda

Dr. Carper delivered my niece 8 years ago back when Alameda Hospital had a maternity ward. I was there for the whole labor and delivery. We really liked how calm and confident he was, it was very comforting. In fact I liked him so much I switched over to him. anon


I have had great experiences with Peter Candell at Alameda Family Physicians. Not for pediatrics, but for myself. So while I can't say whether or not he's a good pediatrician, I can say he's an excellent physician. He has been of tremendous help treating my asthma and migraines. I happen to like each of the physicians at AFP but I really respect and trust Candell in particular. Even after I moved from Alameda to Walnut Creek I continued for years to travel to AFP because they provided such good care. Hope this helps. Rachel


We take our 18 month old son to Dr. Peter Candell at Alameda Family Physicians. Not only do they have Saturday hours, but the one time we called on a Sunday, the doctor on call suggested that we bring our son in to the office that day, even though it was clearly not an emergency. (He explained that he was planning to stop by the office anyway and that it would be no problem for him to see us.) We've seen 3 of the 4 doctors in the practice and can highly recommend both Dr. Candell and Dr. Carper as knowledgeable, warm, and extremely accessible.