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RE: Seeking a female pediatrician ()

Dr. Chau-Lim is awesome. She is in Walnut Creek.  She's probably in her 60's.  Very bright, yet good with kids.  A but old school, including her office, but I'd give aesthetics to quality care any day.  We were with Kaiser and very dissastisfied.  She is located at:

1822 San Miguel Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

all the best!

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Feb 2009

Re: Pediatrician needed in Orinda area
I live in Lafayette but use Walnut Creek Pediatric. All 3 doctors in the practice are excellent. The facility is pretty basic but the care is unmatched. They even let you stay in your car until you are ready to go in the event your child is sick or uncomfortable or you don't want to expose them. I left Lafayette Pediatric after being told ''oh you must be a new mother'' a few too many times by the office staff and long waits for shots, etc. Farther but worth it

March 2006

I am a first-time mom looking for a pediatrician in Walnut Creek. I haven't had much luck with my OB-GYN, so I am hesitant to ask for her recommendation. If anyone knows a good pediatrician in Walnut Creek who listens to my questions and concerns, takes his/her time during the appointments and is more personal than an average doctor, please let me know. Thank you. Carolina

I highly recommend CHRISTINA CHUA-LIM of WALNUT CREEK PEDIATRICS. I think over the years we have seen the other doctors as well, but I really like Dr. Chua-Lim the most. My daughter was born a bit earlier than planned, so my first meeting with Dr. Chua-Lim was at John Muir Hospital. I like that now my daughter is older, she talks with her first (i.e. talking about school, what kinds of food she eats, how does she keep busy, etc) and then brings me into the conversation. She is very patient and I have never felt rushed when I have questions - and boy, at times I had lots of questions. Kathleen

We take our 14 month old son to Dr. Montgomery Kong, of Walnut Creek Pediatrics, in Walnut Creek. There are 2 other doctors in the practice who got good reviews as well, but I haven't seen them, so can't provide a personal report. Dr. Kong has been very accommodating in getting us in on short notice when needed, the office is willing and able to give advice over the phone, they gave us a discount for one visit before our baby's insurance kicked in (and didn't charge us for another, if I recall correctly). I haven't been to any other pediatricians since I was the kid in question, but we've been happy with Dr. Kong. Jen

March 2002

Re: doctors covered on our insurance
We must have the same insurace - I was presented with the same choices! We chose Christina Chua-Lim and have been pretty happy so far. We have been seeing her for a year and she has handled all of our daughter's needs well. The only thing I want to caution you about - she seems anti-breastfeeding! Ever since our daughter's 9-month appointment she has asked when I plan to wean her. (She is 18 months and I still haven't!) She seems mostly concerned that she is getting enough solid foods, but still, I didn't like the pressure. Other than that, she has been very good and our daughter likes her. She is also great about getting sick kids in ASAP. I can usually get an appointment within an hour of my call. Her nurses can be a little ditzy sometimes though. TWICE they have marked her as weighing XX pounds, 16 oz! I have also heard good things about Nancy Schwartzman and we are considering switching to her because her office is closer to our home. Good luck! Jaime

I can't say enough good things about Montgomery Kong, Chua Lim and Tony Lustig. I nanny-d my way through St. Mary's and the kids I was taking care of then went to Dr. Chua Lim-she has an amazing bed side manner, communication skills, kindness, etc. Now that I'm a mom, we have Dr. Kong as our little girl's pediatrician. He doesn't believe in needless over medication, listens whole-heartedly to my questions and concerns, is receptive to holistic approaches, takes his time with both my daughter and myself during her appointments, I could go on for quite a while... The three doctors are in the same office- Walnut Creek Pediatrics- and all 3 are equally amazing. Furthermore, their Staff are truly first rate. I can't imagine anyone else taking care of our little one. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. Good luck! marian

Feb 1998

Re: pediatrician for child with potential ADD. I may be somewhat biased :), but I highly recommend my husband, Toby Lustig. He's with Walnut Creek Pediatrics (934-9339) and they're part of Hill Physicians. Toby has a special interest in behavioral/developmental issues, did his residency at Oakland Children's, and he really loves kids!