David Wagner, MD (Pleasant Hill)

Pleasant Hill
925 685-0843

91 Gregory Lane #15 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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Hi! I would recommend calling the office of Dr. Rush and Dr. Wagner. These two pediatricians are awesome, and the entire office is great. Here is the info: (925) 685-0843, Address: 91 Gregory Land Ste 15 Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523. 

My daughter goes to Dr. Wagner and he's awesome! :) Hope this helps.

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Sept 2009

Hi! I am a member of the Hills Physicians Group of Health Net insurance. My baby is due in October, and I am looking for a good pediatrician in the Concord/Pleasant Hill area who is covered under Hills Physicians. Thanks so much for your input! mary

Dr. Wagner and Dr. Rush in Pleasant Hill were recommended to me when I was pregnant. My child has been seeing Dr. Wagner for 5 years with no complaints, although I believe Dr. Rush may have more experience. anon

Dec 2002

Re: Seeking African-American MD

I think you are looking for a family doctor, but I wanted to recommend my child's pediatrician. Dr. David Wagner practices in Pleasant Hill and is African American. He has a great sense of humor and is good with children. The wait time is usually really short - 10 to 15 minutes. The one time I had to wait a long time, Dr. Wagner apologized and said it was highly unusual. The only complaint I have the practice is the hold times are usually long if you are calling for advice.