Arnold Blustein and Lydia Tinajero-Deck (San Leandro, CA)

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August 2010

Hi, we just moved to San Leandro and I'm in search of a pediatrician for our 18 month old daughter. Ideally in or near San Leandro. Thanks Marisa

Arnold Blustein is fabulous. Caring, patient, and very experienced. He's at 1235 Harrison St (between Callan Ave & Estudillo Ave)San Leandro, CA 94577, (510) 352-2425. Lisa
Sept 1999

I live in San Leandro, and I have my daughters' Pediatrician there (I have a 14-year old and a 2 year-old). Though I can't speak specifically about Eczema, I have been pleased with our Pediatrician in general. We see Dr. Lydia Tinajero-Deck, in the same practice with Dr. Blustien and Dr. Hu. They are located on the small street that runs behind the old Library, between Estudillo and Callan. Phone number is: 510-352-2425. Dr. Lydia has been on Maternity Leave for a few months; not sure if she's back yet (though I think it will be very soon). I have been pleased with both the other regular doctors, though somewhat less than thrilled with Dr. Lydia's temporary replacement (whose name I have put out of my mind!).