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After years of infertility and failed rounds of IVF and miscarriages we had success with Dr Zouves Fertility clinic in San Mateo. He was wonderful and was particularly good at being straight about what was and wasn't possible. He is very good with auto-immune issues. We had 2 successful pregnancies with him. The team were great and guided us through what is as you know a tough rollercoaster.

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Oct 2007

Re: Seeking information on local fertility clinics

We used Zouves on the recommendation of our acupuncturist, Angela Wu. Dr Zouves was warm, hard working and very supporting. When he heard Angela Wu had reffered us he said to continue taking her herbs and following her guidelines, and was supportive of eastern pratices. I also liked that he looked at immune system issues in regards to fertility. Every doctor I had seen said I'd get pregnant no problem based on my blood tests etc, to no avail, but Zouves looked more deeply. And now I'm the mama to twins! Another thing I liked was that he worked with my schedule- didn't put me on birth control to sync into his schedule. He works weekends too! I was very happy with Zouves. Stephanie

I would like to strongly endorse Dr. Zouves. I found his bedside manner to be impeccable, and his thoroughness to be unmatched. Yes, you will probably have to undergo more pre-cycle testing than at other clinics which can be more expensive and perhaps annoying, but he leaves nothing to chance, and no stone unturned in heading off at the pass any potential problem with a cycle.

I had a negative experience at UCSF, where I felt like I barely had a relationship with my primary physician there. I saw whoever was on call. Dr. Zouves is unique in that he's a one man show. It may take a little longer to get in to see him, but I really think the quality of care is worth the wait. I don't know anyone who has done IVF at Alta Bates, so I can't speak to that, but you have a ringing endorsement for Zouves Fertility Center here. Rebecca

November 2003

I would like to give my heartiest recommendation to the Zouves Fertility Clinic. Dr. Zouves was personable, kind, and very skilled. A huge part of this process involves feeling comfortable with your practitioner and we were so happy with him that we were willing to go from Berkeley to his place south of SF rather than use a closer clinic. I'd be happy to run down specifics with you if you want to email, though I probably shouldn't go into it on this public forum. Bottom line is that Zouves is great and I would highly recommend him and his office. Good Luck! zd

I have done 2 cycles with PFC and will be starting a cycle with Zouves in January. I have a lot of information and personal experience, please feel free to call me if you like or email. Dianna