Looking for an Ob/Gyn in San Francisco

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San Francisco ObGyn/GP

July 2005

I am moving to San Francisco this Monday, 2/28/05, and I am 35 weeks pregnant. I need a recommendation for an OBGYN and Family Practioner in the area. Good bedside manner is important. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Erin
Recommendations received:

  • Katherine Gregory Golden Gate OB/GYN
  • Thomas Madland CPMC
  • Ricki Pollycove
  • Donna Wiggins Golden Gate OB/GYN

    My sister is pregnant, looking for SF Ob/Gyn

    July 2004

    My sister recently found out she's pregnant and is now in need of recommendations for good OB/GYN's in San Francisco. She's been seeing Frederica Lofquist for anuals for a few years now, but does not feel a good connection with her, so she's not sure she wants to stick with her. Does anyone have any experiences with her (positive or negative). And/or do you have an OB you love in SF? My sister perused the webpage, but wanted more recent information. --Supportive Sis

    Recommendations received:

  • Golden Gate Ob/Gyn
  • Holter, Hagbom & Wilson (2)
  • Frederica Lofquist (California Pacific Medical Center)
  • Sage Fem Birth Center

    Looking for an Ob for high-risk pregnancy who is taking new patients

    March 2004

    I would appreciate any suggestions for Ob/Gyns in SF who ARE taking new patients. We're new to the area looking for a high risk Ob (Gyn) for an upcoming pregnancy and have called about 15 (many on these boards) who either aren't taking new patients or don't have appts. 'til this summer. Sheesh, how frustrating- any leads- even on the East side would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Recommendation received:

  • Holly Holter