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Ob/Gyns reviewed: Kathryn Clark,
July 2004

My sister recently found out she's pregnant and is now in need of recommendations for good OB/GYN's in San Francisco. She's been seeing Frederica Lofquist for anuals for a few years now, but does not feel a good connection with her, so she's not sure she wants to stick with her. Does anyone have any experiences with her (positive or negative). And/or do you have an OB you love in SF? My sister perused the webpage, but wanted more recent information. --Supportive Sis

I love my OB/GYN in SF, Kathryn Clark. When I was pregnant and looking for an OB, a friend who is a physician at UCSF asked her colleagues which OB/GYN they would recommend. Dr. Clark got rave reviews from her fellow doctors. She is on Hyde St. and can be reached at (415) 673-6522. The other two doctors in the practice are wonderful also. Carol
I very highly recommend Holly Holter, OB/GYN- or anyone in her office for that matter. As with most offices, you rotate through the docs during your 10 months of pregnancy so that in the event your doc isn't available at time of delivery you won't have your baby delivered by a doc that you haven't met. Holly delivered both my girls. The first while we lived in SF, the second while here in Berkeley. Yes, we loved her so much I took the chance of hitting rush hour traffic just to have her there for my 2nd pregnancy and delivery. Her office number is 415-668-1560 - She and her associates are affiliated with CPMC. Satisfied mom
March 2004

Re: Looking for an Ob for high-risk pregnancy who is taking new patients

I recommend my OB/GYN, Holly Holter. She works out of two different offices - one at 3838 California Street (that's where I go) and another at 909 Hyde Street. She shares her practice with three other physicians, and during pregnancy you rotate doctors during your prenatal visits. One of the four will be on call for delivery. I was very happy with the entire team. The other doctors are: William Hagbom, Kathryn Clark, and Katherine Hsaio. I was very happy and comfortable with all of the doctors, and felt like I got to know each one well.

Dr. Hagbom is usually the easiest to schedule an appointment with (because he's male?). He is a wonderful doctor, and I would highly recommend him as well as Dr. Holter.

Dr. Hsaio has a separate office at 3905 Sacramento Street, and she is also a fertility specialist. Of the four in the group, I felt she was the most conservative and treated pregnancy more as a medical condition rather than a natural process. For this reason, she may be your best choice for a high-risk pregnancy. Cindy