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May 2008

After two miscarriages and a few tests that have come back normal, my OB is recommending that I see a fertility specialist to see if they can find the cause of the miscarriages (I have one child born in 2006 with no intervention). I'm looking for comments and experiences.

I had a different fertility issue, but I would highly recommend my doctor - Dr. Smickle at Laurel Fertility (in SF) He is excellent. He used to be at UCSF and started his own practice a few years ago. Since it is a small practice, the care is a lot more personalized than at some of the other clinics. Also, his clinic is one of the few where is it ok to bring an older child; they have toys in the waiting room. (Also, it looks like a new doctor joined the practice since I was there in 2006, Dr. Kao, but I don't know anything about him.) -anon