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Pediatric neurologist for an infant

April 2008

hi, we are looking for recommendation for good pediatric neurologists for infants. They can be located in the peninsula, san francisco or east bay. (Insurance is not relevant). many thanks

Dr. Jean Hayward at Kaiser Oakland is one of the best ped. neurologists in the Bay Area, especially for seizure disorders. anon.

Jan 2007

RE: Neurologist for seizures in young child

Our son was treated by pediatric neurologist JEAN HAYWARD at Kaiser Oakland for seizures. She is definitely the expert for seizures in young children in the Bay Area. We knew another family from Marin who went to a specialist at Stanford for their son's seizures, and they were ultimately referred back here to Jean Hayward. A little caution: Dr. Hayward is known for being somewhat (quite) blunt at times, but she is extremely knowledgeable (particularly regarding which seizure meds work best for different seizure types), and we felt she gave our son the best care possible. We also grew to like and trust her very much in a very difficult situation. I did a lot of my own research, and concluded that she really was the best around. I believe she is still at Kaiser Oakland, but I no longer have her phone number. Best of luck to you and your son. anon

May 2005

RE: Neurologist for adult's seizures

Do you have Kaiser? If so, Dr. Amgott-Kwan at Kaiser Oakland is a great neurologist who actually works side by side with a behavioral medicine psychologist both of whom are VERY supportive of alternative and mind-body practices. anon

Kaiser Neurologist for adult

Feb 2003

A CAT scan found a spot on my brain and I need to see a Neurologist at Kaiser Oakland to see if it is anything to worry about. Does anyone have any recommendations or ones to avoid? Just a little nervous

A few years ago I had some weird ''focal seizures''. I asked a friend of mine who did her residency at Kaiser which neurologist she'd recommend. She recommended Garrick Amgott-Kwan. I was feeling a bit scared about it, as no doubt you are about your spot, and I found Amgott-Kwan to be kind, intelligent, accessible, with an appropriate sense of humor and a willingness to explain everything I needed to have explained. I had a CAT scan and a few other tests. I turned out to be okay. I hope your results are equally reassuring. Been There

Dr. Garrick Amgott-Kwan at Kaiser-Oakland is good -- calm, sensible, and generally respectful of patients. Kate