Pediatric Neurologist at Kaiser for Epilepsy

After years away from Kaiser we will have to switch back to Kaiser for 2024. Our now 13 year old son was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 9. Back then we were not really happy with his pediatric neurologist at Kaiser. We felt the medication adjustments were all over the place which was confirmed when he was seen at by the neurologist at Children's Hospital in Oakland and he has been completely seizure free for over a year now. I am nervous going back to Kaiser and would like know which pediatric neurologist you would recommend for a child with epilepsy anywhere in the Bay Area. Thank you so much!

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My daughter has seen Dr. Hosseini in pediatric neurology at Kaiser in Oakland for almost 5 years for Childhood Absence Epilepsy and I adore her. She's basically the only reason we're still with Kaiser. 

She recently started working with my son too, for daily headaches, and I have nothing but praise. She's an amazing, kind, knowledgeable doctor.