Kathryn Drinkard, MD

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3000 Colby Street #200, Berkeley CA

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Kathryn Drinkard is in a practice with Carolyn Klebanoff and Julie O'Melveny

June 2011

Re: Do you love your E. Bay GP Doc??
I DO love my Doctor! I've been seeing Kathryn Drinkard for probably 13 years now and I absolutely adore her. She's patient, she's kind, she's caring, she's very thorough.. she's AWESOME! She's in Berkeley, next to Alta Bates. Jill

June 2006

Re: Physicians who won't suggest homeopathy
Kathryn Drinkard, 848-7977. I've been seeing her for 9 years and I absolutely adore her. She's exceptionally competent, honest, COMPLETELY non-judgemental, straightforward and brilliant. She's also a mom, so she ''gets'' it. She's up to date on all the latest news and research and if not, she'll do some research and then email me a ton of articles. In 9 years I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes in the waiting room. Her staff is friendly and helpful and there has not been a lot of turnover, which is a very important sign that the bosses are good to work for. The only problem is that she doesn't bill my insurance, I have to pay everything upfront and then submit to Blue Cross, but it's always covered so I've never had a problem with that Jill