Michael Woo, DDS & Willie Woo, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2011

Re: A trustworthy dentist who accepts Delta Care HMO
We use Delta Dental and our dentist is Willie Woo in Oakland. 3300 Webster St # 908 Oakland, CA 94609-3156 (510) 836-4221

We really like him and everyone in his office. His son Michael also works with him. Willie is really personable and helpful. He once told my husband to delay a procedure until January because his dental coverage for the year was going to run out. So Willie made a stop-gap fix, waited a month, and then fixed the rest of the tooth. We appreciated that he was thinking of our bills, not just his own.

Sept 2011

Re: Looking for compassionate dentist
We love our dentist of over ten years. He's a kind person and he also now has his equally wonderful son working with him. The staff are always kind and friendly and I always leave feeling better about my teeth. I always feel listened to and they always remember to ask about our family's current events. I know that if you call and tell them that you are feeling this way, they will all have the utmost compassion for you and treat you well. Willie Woo and Michael Woo are at 3300 Webster suite 908 Ph. 836-4221. Bonnie C., a very happy dental patient

May 2010

Re: Need a dentist that isn't booked til August!!
We go to Dr Willie Woo in Oakland. We like him very much and we are usually able to get appointments within a week. 3300 Webster St. Suite 908 (510) 836-4221 --Happy Patient

Jan 2009

Re: Dentist Referral
We love Dr Willie Woo in Oakland. He's right across from Summit- 510-836-4221. He took great care of me while I was in nursing school and had no insurance...doing only the things I really needed. I'm not sure how his prices compare to others, but he has his own private practice and I've never waited more than 5 minutes to see him. Sarah

August 2008

Re: Looking for a great dentist
For the person needing a recommendation for a good dentist, we LOVE our dentist of the last 10 years. His name is Willie Woo, and he's by pill hill in Oakland. His receptionist is Bonnie, and their number is 510 836-4221 and he's at 3300 Webster Suite 908. We like him because he's kind, relaxed, forthright, efficient, professional and he remembers everything about our family. His receptionist Bonnie is kind and pleasant as well as efficient. We'd recommend them to anyone. The Candells

Feb 2008

Re: Delta dentist for crowns, bridge
My dentist, Dr. Willie Woo, takes Delta Dental. He's a great dentist, a nice guy, funny sense of humor, and his office manager, Bonnie, is a super person. He's at 3300 Webster St, on Pill Hill in Oakland. - Laura