M.J. Taranow, DDS

Oakland, CA
No longer in business

Dr. Taranow is no longer practicing

Archived Reviews: 

March 2005

Re: Dentists open on Saturday
My husband and I go to Dr. M.J. Taranow in Montclair. He's open one Saturday a month, which is nice! His number is: 510- 339-1544 good luck

June 2003

Hi! Does anyone see Dr. Taranow in Oakland? He is covered by our insurance. I would love to find some more information on this dentist. Thanx in advance. Nancy

I have been a patient of Dr. Taranow's for five years now and he is great. He is very gentle and considerate of nervous dental patients like myself and all of the hygenists and other people in his office are incredibly pleasant and professional. I have recommended him to my sister and another friend who both needed quite a bit of work done, and they were both very happy with his office as well. I cannot recommend him highly enough! cheryl

Dec 2002

RE: Dentists Who Do Great Crowns
I have to recommend my dentist, M.J. Taranow, for crowns and any other dental work. He is located on Mountain Blvd in Montclair. I am very tolerant of novacaine and have had several bad experiences with dentists over the years who failed to take my tolerance and nervousness seriously. I recently had several old fillings and crowns replaced by Dr. Taranow, and have recommended him to my sister and a friend who also needed extensive work. All of us have been very pleased with not only the high quality of his work, but the low key and reassuring manner of all of his staff in the office as well. For someone who is borderline ''scared of dentists'' I have never had anything but a good experience with his office. His office phone is #510 339-1544. He also has quite a pediatric following. I do not know if he casts the crowns himself, but the two I had done I had to return for and they were lovely (gold.) Most high recommendations from me and my family for Dr. Taranow. Good luck! Cheryl