Thomas Sharp, DDS


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Feb 2012

Re: Pediatric dentist with Principle
As a family, we see Dr. Tom Sharp. He is a fabulous, careful, thoughtful, gentle, conservative dentist and my children love him. The youngest, who joined me at my appointments since birth looks forward to his visits in the office. His hygienist, Ginny, is also great with kids and adults. As the daughter of a dentist myself, I chose Dr. Sharp very carefully. You cannot go wrong. His office number in Montclair is 510 482-2799 Elizabeth

Dec 2010

Re: Dentist for teen who has outgrown his pediatric dentist
All of the family sees Dr. Thomas Sharp. He is in Montclair and is fabulous with all of us, age 50 to 7. Conservative in treatment, smart, gentle and kind. You cannot go wrong.(510) 482-2799 is his phone number. Elizabeth

March 2010

Re: Dentist near Montclair area
I highly recommend Dr. Thomas Sharp. He is my dentist. He has lots of experience. However he is still in study groups so he can use the most up-to-date method and material for his patients. He is very warm and patient. He takes the little patients too. His staff are GREAT. They help me deal with insurance company to resolve issues. His office is in Montclair village square by Wells Fargo. He has designated parking for patients. His phone# is 510-482- 2799. Good luck, Lan

Feb 2008

Re: Looking for dentist and doctor
I see a wonderful, careful family dentist in Montclair. His name is Tom Sharp. He treats all of my children, and they look forward to their visits because he is so gentle and kind. He is not in San Leandro, but in my opinion, he is work the trip. His number is (510) 482-2799 Elizabeth

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
I am the daughter of an old fashioned, see one patient per hour save all teeth kind of dentist. My father is retired now, but he was a hard act to follow when we moved to this area. I saw 5 dentists over a 3 year period until I found Dr. Tom Sharp. He is a gentle, smart, meticulous dentist. His staff is fabulous. He works very well with children also and so my whole family, from 3-17 years old see him. I trust him completely. I don't know what insurance he accepts as we do not have dental insurance, but you can call the office and find out. His office is in Montclair. His phone number is (510) 482-2799 Elizabeth