Steve Baldwin, DDS & Cynthia Scipioni, DDS

Berkeley, CA, San Francisco, CA

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Feb 2016

RE: Pediatric Dentists who does not require XRAYS

Hi! We see Cynthia Scipioni in Berkeley, on telegraph near the Whole Foods. She's awesome. I have been seeing her since probably 2009 before I had my child and now she sees my son. She has not once mentioned doing X-rays on him and he's now almost 4. For adults like me with good dental health I only have X-rays done every other year. She's not a pediatric dentist but can see the whole family which I really appreciate. Ndramali

Feb 2012

Re: Dentist recommendations for baby/toddler?
We love Steve Baldwin and Cynthia Scipioni. They serve our whole family (husband has seen Steve for 12 years) and are great with our now five year old (who has been going there since before she had teeth). My daughter is inclined to ''help out'' (usually offering water or the vacuum tube) while I am getting my teeth cleaned and that is welcomed by the dentists. It helps her feel involved and the fact that my daughter gets to see me having my teeth cleaned makes it a non-scary event for her. Going to the dentist is just something that people do in life. There is a treasure box of toys to pick from after the visit and, of course, cool toothbrushes and toothpaste. They have offices near Alta Bates in Berkeley and in San Francisco. Love our dentists!

June 2011

Re: Dental misery
Please make an appointment with my dentists! Steven Baldwin and Cynthia Scipioni are a husband/wife team and are fabulous. My husband made an appointment with them after being advised by another dentist that he have $2000 worth of gum work done. Steven took one look at his gums and told him it was complete nonsense. That was 5 or 6 years ago and he has had no dental problems whatsoever. My kids don't even mind going to the dentist now. They are on Telegraph across the street from Whole Foods, accessible by public transportation. (510) 486-0775. Good Luck! anon

April 2010

Re: Choosing a hygienist NOT from my dentist's office?
I don't think that is a very practical solution for many reasons, prime among them the lack of communication between the two. If you think of them as a team, you may see what I mean. If you are open to changing your dentist, I can recommend Drs. Steve Baldwin and Cynthia Scipioni who have an office on Telegraph near Whole Foods. They are a husband wife team and they don't work with hygienists. They do the cleanings themselves, so I think you really benefit from the level of their expertise, plus you save time by not having to see two people. It's a very efficient operation, and you always feel the personal touch. Our entire family from toddler to adult goes there and we like them both very much. Jeanne S.

May 2005

Re: Highly skilled Dentist
I really like Cynthia (Cindy) Scipioni in Berkeley on Telegraph Ave. She has a joint practice with her husband Steven Baldwin, who is also good, but not as gentle. Dr. Nancy Fenstermacher (in Berkeley on Telegraph also) is a good dentist with years and years of experience. A happy patient