Marjan Rusta, DDS

Berkeley, CA
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Oct 2010

Re: Conscious AND good dentist?
I have been seeing Dr. Marjan Rusta in Berkeley foe years. She is very experienced & capable in Western Dentistry & very much aware of Holistic & Biological Dentistry. Materials she uses are biologically friendly. Office staff are very courteous, warm & receptive. Office No is (510)526-7546 Ext. #2.

Sept 2005

Re: dentist who can remove amalgams
I would reccomend Dr. Marjan Rusta @ 1313 Gilman Street in No. Berkeley. She is a fantastic , confident and knowledgable dentist and practices holistic and biological dentistry. All materials used in her practice are the highest quality and is very gentle in her approach and believes in saving the teeth rather than doing unnecessary procedures. Her number is 510-526- 7546 ext 2 Baran