Paula Roemer, DDS & Michael Pink, DDS

Walnut Creek

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2007

Re: Conservative dentist
My family has gone to Paula Roemer, DDS for 20 years. She is very gentle and really listens to your needs. Her office is high tech and everything is new (she just moved from Oakland to Walnut Creek and built a new office). She has alternative methods of taking x-rays, all the latest gadgets. My 8 year old daughter had to have her tooth pulled, watched a DVD the whole time, and didn't even know her tooth was out. I highly recommend Dr. Roemer! She calls her practice Smile! Walnut Creek and her number is 925-937-2100. kelley

Jan 2007

Re: Pediatric Dentist vs Family Dentist
I take our children to Dr. Paula Roemer at Smile in Walnut Creek. She provides family dentistry and their team is amazing with the children (ages 2 and 5). Recently, my 2-yr old had his first dental visit and he wasn't looking forward to it. He had a cold and was a bit crabby. I assumed that we'd have to reschedule his appointment, because he had no intention of cooperating. Amazingly enough they worked beautifully with him and allowed him to work the instruments a bit. Before we knew it, his teeth were cleaned, flossed and he had had a fluoride treatment. He was so proud of himself. So, based on my own experience, I would recommend a good family dentist. Good luck! JOJ

June 2005

Re: Dentist for Major dental phobia
I just came from my dentist today and can't say enough wonderful things about the practice she is in -- Last week I had a major treatment done and I had to go back today for a follow-up. I really hate going to the dentist, wouldn't say it's a phobia but I do get very, very nervous, shaking hands, sweating, hard to breathe kind of stuff...All the staff at my dentist's office are wonderful at dealing with anxiety - they are so calm, give gentle massage if you like, offer heated neck pillows with aromatherapy, headphones and radio to listen to if you'd like. They are so gentle, calm, and explain everything. I have been going there for 9 years and NEVER had a bad experience, although my anxiety persists. The dentist who started the practice is Dr. Roemer, although I believe she works very few hours now as she has 5 kids. There is a new dentist there now, who I just saw, called Dr. Lu (I think!) who was the most calming, kind person I've ever dealt with in the medical field! Now the practice is called somethign like Big Smiles. It's on Grand Ave, right next to the Ace Hardware store. Their number is 654-3030. I really can't tell you how wonderful they are. The first tiime you go the dentist does long consultation in her office. They use all the latest technology (x-ray stuff, etc). I was really amazed at how painless, peaceful and easy this major treatment I had done was. I can't imagine a better practice (the receptionists, cleaning ladies) that could deal with anxiety. I am sure that you would feel greatly relieved by just speaking to them on the phone before going in.
Hate the dentist too, but love Dr. Roemer's practice!

March 2003

Re: Dentists Favorable to Breastfeeding
My son also has brown ''stains'' on his front baby teeth. I called my dentist's office (Dr Paula Roemer on Grand Ave in Oakland) about it when he was about 18 mos. Their main concern was that he was too young to sit still and be examined (never asked any quetions about breast/bottle feeding), but they were willing to schedule an appointment when I pressed gently. Dr Roemer was out on maternity leave and we saw her stand-in (dr chen I think), who took a quick look in his mouth and told me the discoloration was due to ''decalcification''. She said it was normal, not harmful, and also not preventable or treatable (?). To tell you the truth, I would have liked a bit more explanation, so I hope others will respond with more info! In any case, I really like Dr Roemer and would recommend her if you haven't found a dentist yet (though she is not strictly pediatric). Christie