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Oct 2012

Re: Reco for Pediatric Dentist - United Health Care
We had a wonderful experience with Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry in Piedmont on Grand Ave. The staff were seasoned with dealing with children, made the experience fun and interactive and as a result my baby loved the experience wich of course was not expected. Highly recommend Dr Negron. Rita

March 2012

Re: Pediatric dentist recommendation?
Dr. Leticia Mendoza at Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry!! After a not-so- wonderful experience at Alameda pediatric my 5 year old son and I were both nervous about his dental visits. We just had our first visit with Dr Letty. She and her whole staff were so caring and professional. I couldnt believe how comfortable they made him. It is genuinely child friendly and no gimmicks like TV and a play zone are there or needed. My son actually said ''I love going to the dentist!'' when we got home! Happy mom

Feb 2010

Re: Kids dentist who uses digital x-rays?
Hi, I just took my daughter to the dentist last week and they did digital x-rays. She sees Dr. Leticia Mendoza-Sobel at her practice Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry. http://www.piedmontpediatricdentistry.com/ She has a partner, Dr. Negron, who shares the practice. The office staff is great, always really friendly, and we've been very happy that we found her. Good luck in your search. Claire

May 2007

Re: Need a warm and competent pediatric dentist
We love Dr. Letitia Mendoza-Sobel. She's warm and comforting to children and very thorough and professional. Unfortunately, my son has had some serious oral health problems, so I have had the opportunity to see that Dr. Mendoza-Sobel definitely goes the ''extra mile'' to make sure her patients get the care they need. She's come in on her day off to look at x-rays, made numerous calls to specialists, called me at home to check-in, and the list goes on. We are very grateful to her. I don't know if she is taking new patients. She also has a partner, Dr. Negron. Their office is on Grand Ave near Ace Hardware. The phone number is 510-652-2603. Eden

I would recommend Dr. Leticia Mendoza-Sobel in a heartbeat. She is calm, friendly, knows how to relate to kids on their level. My daughter, now age 4, looks forward to going to see her. Her words carry great influence and all it takes is a subtle reminder about what the doctor has told her to end any conflict over teeth brushing at night. Her assistants are equally good. We have found the practice to run smoothly with each visit. Her office is located on Grand Ave. in Oakland not far from the Ace Hardware. eva

June 2006

Re: Pediatric dentist for first timer?
My 25 month old daughter went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. She had a good experience. Based on that we could recommend Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry on Grand Avenue. 510- 652-2603

Feb 2006

My son, daughter, and I just LOVE Dr. Mendoza-Sobel on Grand Avenue in Piedmont. She was great with my son (then 12 mos.) and daughter (then 3) during their first visit and it just kept getting better. My children were excited to go to her office and continued to be happy regardless of the procedure (even the less pleasant ones). She asked them to guess what animal noise she was about to make and then she would proceed to entertain them with funny imitations while she scraped and drilled. The distractions worked like magic and left them giggling. As a parent, I felt as if she partnered with me in the upkeep of their oral health and hygiene. Her front office staff is excellent so give them a call. I believe her husband is the president of the California Society of Pediatric Dentists. Lynn

December 2004

There are no recent recommendations for these two dentists, but both have older, fairly postive recs. Anything recent? Bass- allen is on Broadway near the Paramount, and parking is not great. Mendoza-Sobel was suggested by my dentist, and the neighborhood has easier parking. How did you like the offices and the staff? How did your young kids react? My 2-yr old actually enjoys brushing and flossing(!) but doesn't usually want strangers being too invasive. She'd probably like it if the office was pleasant and the people are pleasant. We don't have dental insurance, so Mendoza-Sobel is more expensive, but more convenient. This will be our first visit. Thanks! Janet

My 5 and 2 year olds are patients of Dr Mendoza-Sobel and we have all been satisfied. Dr. Mendoza-Sobel is very comfortable and thoughtful with the kids. Prior to the first visit, you are asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your child including temperament and interests. It is very evident in our visits that the Dr has read this information and uses it to make the visits easier for my kids. My son can be somewhat uncooperative with doctors, but all of our visits have gone smoothly.

The first visit seems to be aimed at getting your child used to the dentist and goes as far as your child is comfortable. The following visits include exams, cleaning, x-rays. In my interactions with Dr Mendoza-Sobel, she has always told me what is going on during the exam, what she finds, and any necessary follow up.

When my son was losing his first tooth, we visited the office on a day when Dr. Mendoza-Sobel wasn't available. He saw Dr Negron who was great with my son. He happened to be in the lobby when we walked in. He talked to my son, found out why we were there, and even got a look at the tooth before we got the exam area. I wouldn't hesitate to take my kids to either doctor in the office. The person at the front desk has always been very polite and helpful, too. Lisa

May 2003

Try Dr. Leticia Mendoza-Sobel on Grand Ave. in Piedmont- what a terrific dentist. I can't say enough good things about her. I have a 3 year old and a five year old, both of whom love going to the dentist. Dr. Letty makes the whole potential ordeal enjoyable for both parent and children. She has a genuine affection for children, and it shows in how she has structured her practice. Give her a try - I hope you'll agree! lisa

July 1999

My 4-yr son goes to Leticia Mendoza-Sobel in Piedmont, off Grand Ave. He loves her! She is very patient with the children and tries to make them as comfortable as possible. Her staff is also wonderful. My son was very resistant to having his teeth brushed when he was younger and his first visit at two was not his idea of fun. Dr. Lettie allowed me to hold him and she made the visit very fast and fun. She allowed my son to come back for a follow-up visit to watch other children and see how they got their teeth cleaned, brushed, flossed etc. My son is currently wearing an orthodontic appliance to correct a cross-bite. Dr Lettie talked to him about it, what to expect, etc. and also had him meet two other children who had the same appliance. I highly recommend her. Ann