Sean Moran, DDS

San Francisco, CA
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Nov 2002

Re: Cosmetic dentistry
I'm a dental hygienist in San Francisco, I work for a dentist that does incredibly beautiful cosmetic work. He will do a consult and do study models prior to doing any work. I've worked for him for 9 years and I would have him do my work in a heart beat if I needed it. I worked for Castaneda years ago and she's over priced and I don't remember being impressed with her work and other things I won't bore you with. The cost of cosmetic veneers in our office is 925 per tooth, with tetracycline stains my guess is that you will need at least 6 upper and 6 lowers, possibly 8, depending on your smile, so, you do the math...a lot less than 43 grand! I highly recommend my employer. His name is Sean Moran 415 433-9032. np