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June 2011

Re: Dental misery
Oh, dear. You do sound miserable, and rightly so!

I have what I think will be a *wonderful* option for you: my dentist, Dr. Scott McKinzie, who is on Grand Ave on the Piedmont/Oakland border (walkable distance for you!)

Not only is Dr. McKinzie kind and gentle, his wife, Kate, runs the office and she is a true gem of a person. She has an amazing memory, and will therefore always remember you (at least she always remembers myself and my husband). Here is their info: 931 Grand Ave (between Boulevard Way & Jean St) Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 654-3030

BTW, I would recommend requesting their female hygenist (I forget her name, but it is slightly unusual, so hopefully Kate will know who you mean). She has provided me with THE MOST gentle cleanings I've *ever* had.

I think you'll be happy. Good luck to you!

Dec 2010

Re: Dentist for teen who has outgrown his pediatric dentist
I highly recommend Dr. Scott Mckinzie. He and his staff are awesome! After having several bad experiences at Pleasant Valley Dental in Oakland, I found Dr. Scott (on Grand Avenue near Ace Hardware). He is the best dentist I've ever known - very caring and patient, actually makes a dental appointment a pleasant experience. His phone number is 510.654.3030 and he has a web site Can't say enough good about him! Lorraine

April 2008

Re: Need dentist for kids, adults in Piedmont
Dr. Scott McKinzie's office is on Grand Avenue in Oakland. He's really great, especially at getting kids (and adults) relaxed, and I highly recommend him. You can call his office at 654-3030. David

June 2007

Re: Dentist - biocompatible AND brilliant?
Check out Dr. McKinzie, DMD. I know that his practice addresses your concern about using toxic materials for fillings, etc. His office is at 3931 Grand Avenue in Oakland. Call 654-3030. Or email scott_mckinziedmd at anon