Edward Jang, DDS

Orinda, CA, Pinole, CA
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June 2011

Re: Dental hygienist (for those with perio issues)
My husband and I really like our dental hygienist Becky (who's lastwho works at Edward Jang DDS). (I don't know her last name, but she's the only Becky there) My husband had pretty bad gums after some years of neglect and they did some root planing with him and I think he still goes 3 times a year (rather than 2) for cleaning, but his gums and teeth are great now. Thorough and gentle. She's very chatty, but also very nice. Jang has two offices, one in Pinole and one in Orinda. But I think Becky only works at the Pinole office (not sure). We always make sure we have her work on our teeth. (though really all of the staff is great there) --clean teeth

April 2010

Re: Dentists in Orinda?
We see Edward Jang and highly recommend his office. We go to the Pinole office, but I'm sure the Orinda one is good too. All the hygeneists I've had have been great and everyone is very friendly. They do digital X-rays, and their whole system is pretty high tech. We've mainly had cleanings, the occasional filling, but now I'm working with them for a dental implant. I have nothing but good things to say about them. molly

June 2008

Re: In search of a great dentist...
I really recommend the dental office of Edward Chang. I go to their office in Pinole, but they also have one in Orinda. I started going there last year and was really impressed by the whole staff-- they have a good system there, everything is digital there, both my husband and I (not big on going to the dentist) became fans. I had to switch dental insurance earlier this year to Metlife, and was disappointed because at first I thought they didn't take it. But I just double checked and they do. I go in for a cleaning on Tuesday, in fact. M