Shadan Jabali, DDS

Albany, CA
Archived Reviews: 

Sept 2011

My children's new health insurance plan has assigned a dentist by the name of Dr. Shadan Jabali, in Albany on Garfield Ave. Is anyone familiar with this dentist? If so, have you been happy with the services you have received? Beth

I have myself been seeing Dr. Jabali for about 8 years, and I highly recommend her practice. Although my kids go to a separate dentist from me (a pediatric dentist), I have seen lots of kids come into Dr. Jabali's office over the years, and I'm sure they receive great care. The office is NOT fancy -- if you need more of a dental spa environment, this is not your dentist -- but I feel like I get good quality of care, never get overcharged, etc. Dr. Jabali treats you like family! And the staff is great there, particularly Michelle who runs the front office. Alissa