Sepand Hokmabadi, DDS


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Nov 2011

Re: Total Health Dental Care practice?
I've been going to the Total Health Dental Care in Oakland for a few years now and they are awesome. Totally interested in making sure you have a good experience. They even call u a that night after u have a procedure. My understanding is they bought a second office on Berkeley but it's not a franchise. I've always seen Dr H and I know he is spending some days at the new office. Hope this helps!

Feb 2008

Re: Looking for a dentist
In response to person recommending Dr. Hokmabadi, I felt there was a hard press for payment and treatment immediately at the very first visit. When I told them I only wanted my teeth clean, they charged me for my teeth cleaning and examination. I am not so sure I would recommend this dentist. caution

July 2007

Re: Looking for a great Delta dentist...
I have dental coverage with Delta Dental and I go to Dr. Hokmabadi in Oakland, near the east end of Piedmont Ave. Dr. Hokmabadi is a fantastic dentist and a nice guy. He's a native of the Bay Area and I can't recommend him highly enough. Rebecca