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3017 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley 549-2814

Nov 2011

Yesterday I went for my routine dental cleaning appointment. I was surprised that my dentist's office (Holly Wieber on Telegraph) is now Total Health Dental Care - complete with a dramatic office space rennovation. Seems very franchise-y. Dr. Wieber wasn't in that day, and my regular hygienist was out on medical leave. Hmmm...seems suspicious. Does anyone know what happened? Is it time to find a new dentist? thanks

Dr. Wieber has always shared that space. When I was last there, less than two weeks ago, Dr. Wieber herself cleaned my teeth and I was able to ask about what's going on. She is currently sharing the space with ''Total Health Dental Care'', but they are completely separate practices. Dr. Weiber's practice remains the same, and I certainly will be staying with her. I do miss the excellent hygienist, Binder, who has been out on long term medical leave.

I've been going to the total health dental care in Oakland for a few years now and they are awesome. Totally interested in making sure you have a good experience. They even call u a that night after u have a procedure. My understanding is they bought a second office on Berkeley but it's not a franchise. I've always seen Dr H and I know he is spending some days at the new office. Hope this helps!

Oct 2011

Re: Anyone have a great dentist?
Dr. Weiber is awesome. I've been seeing her for around 8 years now. I am very happy with her. At my old job, all of my coworkers and all of our friends saw her, because everyone ended up referring each other to her. My wife and I both use her, and are very happy. She does appointments as early as 7:50a and late as 5p. http://www.yelp.com/biz/holly-wieber-dds-berkeley-2 Anon

June 2004

Re: East Bay woman dentist
I have been going to Holly Wieber for about 15 years. She is compassionate, competent and has a great sense of humor. Her office is on Telegraph Ave. across from Whole Foods, Sara

I have been going to Holly Weiber in Berkeley for years. Her number is (510) 549-2814. She is easy going and friendly- never makes me feel bad for not flossing. Ariel