Gary Hale, DDS


We are very happy with Gary Hale in Albany/at El Cerrito Plaza. I have Delta Dental and he accepts it. I went to him after being told I needed $5,000 worth of work done by a different, local dentist and he was my second opinion and was much more reasonable so I switched. They also have a 3D printer that makes crowns, so you don't have to go through having a temporary crown while the real one gets fitted etc. if you ever need a crown. 

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May 2010

Re: Dentist Recommendation - accepts Delta Dental?
My dentist is Gary Hale love that guy, my wife is scared of the dentist and she will go to him. His number in Albany is 510 524 0927. Open wide...... Tony

Oct 2006

Re: Good Kid's Dentist Who Takes Healthy Families
Dr Gary Hale in El Cerrito is an outstanding dentist, with big and wee folks, and has a superb staff. My now 4yo and 6yo sons both run and jump into the chair when they visit. Cool little toys are provided. I have no idea whether he takes Healthy Families however, you would have to inquire. ph no 510-524- 0927

August 2006

Re: Seriously dentist phobic
Dr. Gary C. Hale is the dentist you are looking for! I too put off dental visits for far too long. Dr. Hale (and staff) never made me feel bad for waiting. They just made me feel good about deciding to come see them and welcomed me. He is very good about making sure patients are comfortable during procedures and his hygienist is supurb in her own right. A cleaning twice a year is a piece of cake with her! Give their El Cerrito office a call: 524-0927 So happy to have found Dr Hale

August 2006

Re: Holistic dentist who is also skilled
As it happens, an amalgam filling of mine caused the tooth it was in to crack (and a big chunk to fall off) days before a month long trip in mid-June. My dentist, Dr. Gary C. Hale, was able to remove the old filling, save what little was left of the tooth and give me a perfectly fitted crown. He also told me that those old fillings have a ''habit'' of breaking down the teeth they are in. While he didn't offer to take out the rest of the amalgams I have, it might be something he'd consider. He is truely skillful and very sensitive to fearful patients (not that you mentioned you were). He is in the El Cerrito Plaza Professional building - Contact his office at 524-0927. No longer fearful!