Michael Grisanti, DDS


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March 2006

I would highly recommend my dentist Dr. Grisanti for both children and adults. He sees my children, ages 2 and 4. He has a child of his own and knows how to make children feel very comfortable. Lets them play with the suction thing and move the chair up and down. He has actually made my kids LIKE going to the dentist. He is VERY good at communicating with me about my children's teeth, and very concerned about me getting all my questions answered. He is also not super dogmatic about how I should be taking care of my children's teeth...understands that sometimes its almost impossible to get them to brush, etc. He is very kind and practical. Also very good with the pain control when he has done some drilling on me. I know his office takes Delta Dental. His office staff is very efficient. The office is on Telegraph in South Berkeley. The number is 510.549.8716 He is not a pediatric dentist per se, so if there were a procedure like a root canal, would probably refer to a pediatric dentist. happy with Dr. G

March 2003

Re: Dentists Favorable to Breastfeeding
I see a WONDERFUL dentist in Berkeley. His name is Dr. Grisantie from Nakahara & Grisantie. He fairly recently entered fatherhood and from our parenting discussions, I know he is supportive of breastfeeding in general. I would give his office a call at 510.549.8716. My husband and I receive fantastic care from him and all his staff. EAnnis


someone asked about dentists, specifically Dr. Grisanti. I love him. I recently began seeing him after my husband has been seeing him for about 5 yrs. i have had the same dentist on the east coast for 25 years. i have seen two other dentists; i had a terrible experience with one. Jennifer