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I like Dr. Kristen Forbes on Solano. Their office also sees children.

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Jan 2007

Re: Dentist near Solano Avenue
My family has been seeing Dr. James Forbes on Solano Ave. for years. He's very good, gentle, and while not a pediatric dentist, has been excellent with my kids since they were small. his number is 524-3984. Dr. Tom Adame in the same building is also excellent. Pat

Hi - I use Dr James Forbes, 1653 Solano 524-3984. Seems to meet all your critera! michael

March 2006

I think I've posted this recommendation before, but I really like our family dentist: Dr. James Forbes in Berkeley on Solano Ave. (510) 524-3984. He's reasonable in fees and while not a pediatric dentist, very gentle and good with my kids. Both my kids have seen him and his staff since they were toddlers. Also the other dentists in the office are very good and it's nice to have a good back-up when your regular dentist is away. Pat

May 2005

Re: Highly skilled Dentist
I have had nightmare dental procedures done in the past, but as others have posted on this site, I am very happy with Dr. James Forbes on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. I totally trust Dr. Forbes and would highly recommend him as a dentist to restore your faith that good and competent dentists exist. He has fit me with 2 crowns and my husband with 1, all of which have needed only minimal alteration. He also does not do unnecessary work. Dr. Forbes is gentle, a nice guy, and, in my opinion, does outstanding work (I am very picky). I also see his hygenist, Sue (one of 3 or 4), who is incredibly thorough, although not the gentlest in the practice (my husband is a wimp and sees Ann). Two things to keep in mind: if you require nitrous oxide for procedures, you need to request it in advance since they only have one setup. Also, don't judge Dr. Forbes by his front desk personnel, who are nice, but sometimes don't come across as the most professional (i.e., I'm really not interested in hearing conversation between office staff when I'm standing there making a future appointment. The attention should be focused on me and not forcing me to overhear their conversation which I am not interested in.). Good luck with your search!

June 2003

We have seen Dr. James Forbes in the Adame/Alder office in Berkeley. Adame is quite fine also. No experience with Alder. Check to see if Forbes is on your insurance list. He's absolutely fabulous for all ages. He's extremely patient and knowledgeable. Trish

I concur with Trish who posted about Dr. James Forbes in the Adame/Alder office in Berkeley (I got his name off of the archives last year. There are more posts about him in the archives.). I cannot say enough about how fabulous he is! As Trish said, he is extremely patient and knowledgeable, and he also does outstanding work. My husband had a crown done, and Dr. Forbes ensured that it fit perfectly (unlike the last arrogant dentist who dismissed our complaints when the crown didn't feel right). This dental office also has a choice of three good hygenists who work with all three dentists. Two of the hygenists are very gentle and pampering (my husband's preference), and one really digs deep (my preference). My only complaint about this office is that the front desk made several errors regarding our appointments (i.e. we were scheduled for Friday appointments with Dr. Forbes and he doesn't work on Fridays; the wrong chart was pulled for me (someone else with the same name); and the list goes on). Good luck with your search! Charlotte

March 2000

RE: dentist for the fearful

I don't know if he would fit all your specifications, but James Forbes on Solano has been my dentist for years, and he's always been kind, patient and sensitive to my anxieties about dental discomfort. He's also been well reviewed by others on this site in the past. Good luck! KT

I have a lot of fear around dental work due to some past bad experiences and loooove my current dentist on Solana Ave: Dr. James Forbes at 510-524-3984. I've also seem the dentist sharing the same office, Dr. Thomas Adame, and he is equally kind and gentle. I can't speak to the price as I have insurance and so didn't compare, but I would guess they are all about in the same ballpark for cleanings, etc. He sees our whole family, including my two young children, so although not an official pediatric dentist, he has four children of his own and knows how to work with kids. Pat

June 1999

My dentist is wonderful. His name is James Forbes on Solano Avenue in North Berkeley. He is gentle, calm, and non-blaming. He takes the time to tell you what's going on, and he does a great job. I have been going to him for nearly 10 years, and it really is a pleasure. I have referred 5 friends to him, and they love him too. Michele

August 1996

In response to the question about a good dentist, we have used Dr. James Forbes. His practice is at 1653 Solano Avenue, just into Albany from Berkeley. Telephone: 524-3984. He accepts both PMI and Delta Dental.

Both our children feel very comfortable with Dr. Forbes and the hygienists on his staff. Dr. Forbes has young children himself. He and his staff treat kids as individuals and are not condescending. He is extremely professional and has referred us to a wonderful orthodontist (start saving for those orthodontist bills!). I would recommend Dr. Forbes very highly. Trish