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Nov 2010

Re: Cost of Pediatric Dental
After 7+ years of getting fleeced by very sweet but extremely expensive Berkeley/Albany pediatric dentists with our 3 children, we have chosen a very gentle non- pediatric dentist. His name is Dr. Yu at El Cerrito Dental. My children are actually happier there--no brightly decorated walls, no stickers and plastic toy rewards, but a sweet, friendly, child-loving staff.

For my youngest, our previous dentist told us that we would have to undergo general anaesthesia to repair his stained and chipped teeth--and that was the final straw--we had done it before with my oldest, and it was very stressful plus over $1000. Dr. Yu took a very careful look, and decided we would wait and see--there has been no pain, and if there is not, Dr. Yu wants to avoid all of that--just keep a careful eye. Totally reasonable.

The pediatric dentists were sweet, but they put a lot of fear into us, took thousands of dollars from us over the years, and now I could not be happier with the inexpensive care we are getting!