Joel Boriskin, DDS

Berkeley, CA

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2011

Re: I am terrified of dentists
I can highly recommend Dr. Joel Boroskin whose office is in Walnut Sqare above Peet's. I switched to him when I needed a crown many years ago and have been very pleased with his calm manner, good explanations, and progress reports during procedures. He offers meds if you need them but you may need less with this office. heidi

July 2011

Re: Looking for a great Dental Hygienist
Ann Legarda at Dr. Joel Boriskin's office is a fantastic hygenist. She is friendly, warm and thorough and I have been seeing her for years. I haven't had a bad visit yet. Dr. Joel Boriskin 510-843-1441 1502 Walnut Street, Ste. D Berkeley (right above Peet's Coffee in the Gourmet Ghetto) Love my hygenist

Jan 2010

Re: Gentle dentist for fearful adult
I switched to Dr. Boriskin, whose office is in Walnut Square, when I needed a crown because I was nervous and felt my previous dentist was not sympathetic to my nerves and also didn't offer drugs for anxiety, just for pain relief. Dr. Boriskin was great and I no longer worry about having dental work. His office number is 843-1441. not a big deal

March 2006

For the person seeking a dentist near Oxford/Hearst: I go to Dr. Boriskin's office at Vine/Walnut (Walnut Square), which is certainly convenient. I hardly ever see the dentist himself, so I can't say much about him (my parents see him too and are happy with him) but I LOVE the hygenist I see there, Terry. She is just so sweet and personable, it makes seeing her a pleasure I look forward to. Auntie M

March 2005

Re: Dentist in N. Berkeley
You're in luck -- there is actually a dental practice at Vine and Walnut, right upstairs from Peets. There are three dentists: the one I see is Dr. Boriskin. I like him just fine, but I have no dental issues so have never had anything more advanced than a cleaning. I'm not sure about their equipment, but the hygenists have been there for quite awhile. I especially like Ann and Diana, but they're all good. Catherine