Angela An, DDS

San Francisco, CA
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Nov 2006

Re: San Francisco Pediatric Dentist w Saturday hours
We've been using services of Angela An, DDS for the past 14 years. She is so great personable and attentive to our needs that we've brought all of our friends and family there for her services. When our children were born, there was no question - she is so engaged and good with them that having a dental appointment is a reason for celebration in my children's mind (no kidding!). Angela is very experienced, has great supporting staff. She serves children and adultts, and she really knows how to work with children (she has 5! young children of her own). She is on Union Square, near Powell St BART station, and works most Saturdays. (We never came to see her other than on a Saturday) Angela An, DDS 415-291-8668 291 Geary St., #601, San Francisco

Re: Dentists open on Saturday (March 2005)
I highly recommend Dr. Angela An, DDS at Union Square in SF. My husband, my both children, and I, as well as extended family and many friends have been her patients for years (13 yrs for me). She is very professional, carrying, patient and friendly. And she works on Saturdays - this is when we schedule our checkups for the four of us. Maria Dec 2002

Dr. Angela An is the best. She is located on Union Square right next to Macy's. She has been our family dentist for over a decade and is now dentist for all of our friends and family, due to our referals. She is great, experienced, gives you very personal approach and spends as much time as a thourough work takes. Please call her at (415) 291-8668 to schedule an appointment. Thank you, Maria

Nov 2002

Re: Cosmetic dentistry
Oh, we have the dentist you're looking for! My family has been using her services for very many years, and she has done an amazing job for us. We brought all of our friends and friends of our friends to her.

Her name is Angela An, DDS. She is on Union Square in SF (2 min walk from Powell St. BART). She has very young children and does not work every day, but she has Saturday appointments available every week.

We trust her 100% in every decision, my children love her as one of their best friends, she did a lot of cosmetic work for many people in our family - work of excellent quality. Her contact info: Angela An, DDS (415) 291-8668 Please tell her I refered you. My name is Maria.