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May 2009

Re: Plastic surgeon to remove implants and restructure
I have had two breast surgeries with Dr. Robert Aycock -- and augmentation/lift and a repair to remove scar tissue. Both went very well and I am very happy with the results. I used the Walnut Creek office at 925-937-8377 but there is also a Greenbrae office at 415-925-1700. He and his office staff have a warm but realistic approach. He also has a web site that shows before and afters. kl

May 2006

Re: Breast Implants/Augmentation after three kids?
I was in your shoes last year. Absolutely nothing but loose skin left in the bust area. I had a lift and augmentation from Dr. Aycock in Walnut Creek. I did tons of research on the procedure(s) on the net beforehand, and his office had lots of before/after pictures to show me what I could realistically expect. It cost about $6k, and worth it. I didn't get ''big ones'', but rather a size that was close to my pre-pregnancy size. The shape is different, of course, and I wish they looked more natural, but I am still pleased I did it. I was depressed every time I saw myself in the mirror, and this was one of the few post-pregnancy ''repairs'' that was possible (since the stretch marks, loose skin, and wider ribcage aren't fixable). It did wonders for my self-esteem. I think the main thing I can recommend is to do lots of research, don't expect perfection, but rather a great improvement on what you have now, and ask your doctor as many questions as you can think of. Good luck! anon

I had an augmentation and lift done about 2 years ago. Same situation as you (everything seems to go south after a couple kids...LOL). Mine were done by Dr. Aycock on San Miguel in Walnut Creek. He did a very good job and I am 90% happy with the result. The bigger breasts make the rest of you look slimmer by the way! I understand you shouldn't go too big as it can be stressful on your back. I went from about a B to a full C. The only negative was that I had a capsular contracture on one side...some scar tissue forming on one side around the implant, so that makes that side a little harder to the touch. I understand that this is rare. I went in for a second surgery to try to correct it and remove scar tissue but it happened again. Maybe just my system? Anyway, I have full feeling in both nipples and it has not inhibited my doing sports at all. There was some concern that it could make cross country skiing (swinging the arms) more difficult. Recovery time was about a month for going back to sports. I think it is a morale lift (pun intended!) for us more middle aged ladies. Good luck! anon. mom

June 2004

Re: Breast implant replacement
I have been very pleased with my augmentation surgeon, Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek (925) 937-8377. I didn't go for a ''re- do'', but I was very pleased with his manner, his work, and the fact that he didn't charge for a consultation (I consulted quite a few doctors before choosing him, and they all charged). He clearly feels confident in that he will not be ''wasting'' his time with a client by only consulting, which is refreshing. I was referred by a girlfriend who was very happy with her surgery result, as well. Good luck! anon

I had breast implants and a lift (after two nursing children and 40 some years of gravity) done by Dr. Robert Aycock on San Miguel in Walnut Creek. I have been very happy with the results. kl

April 2004

Re: Dermatologist for scarring & wrinkles on face
I use Dr. Robert Aycock on San Miguel in Walnut Creek. He and his staff are all wonderful. The laser surgery is an outpatient process that only takes about 15 minutes per session and then you can go right back to work. He also did some more extensive procedures for me and everything came out great! kl