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What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy was developed in the late 1800's and early 1900's as a way to promote a natural diet and exercise with avoidance of tobacco and overwork. Naturopathy covers a wide range of practices including acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical medicine, chelation therapy, colonic enemas, hair analysis, nutrition, physical therapy and massage, meditation, reflexology, and more. Naturopathy is mainly practiced in the US and Canada. In the US, 15 states including California license NDs (Naturopathy Doctors) and require training at recognized Naturopathic institutions (not medical school). In the other 35 states, anyone may use the title ND regardless of level of education. More information at Wikipedia .

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Feb 2013

Re: Pediatrician who understands gluten diet
Instead of a mainstream pediatrician, I would suggest going to a Naturopath that also sees children. The Walnut Creek Naturopath group is one such example. I recently took my 10 year old son to see Dr. Anya. She laid out a treatment plan for him which involves elimination of gluten and dairy and also prescribed probiotics etc to heal and strengthen his immune system. His regular pediatrician consistently dismissed food as possible culprit for his issues. I myself go to a different Naturopath in San Francisco and prefer them over regular MDs. I believe there is a Naturopathic group in Berkely as well that sees children. Good luck! Believer

Jan 2011

Looking for a naturopathic/holistic doc or anyone to help me with my hypothyroidism and ongoing bouts with postpartum depression. Preferably in the Walnut Creek area, but willing to drive if I can find someone helpful! Also, does anyone know of a support group for PPD in the area? anon

I can't recommend Dr Elizabeth Korza ND at the Berkeley Naturopatic Medical Group on Ashby Ave highly enough. I've been under her care for hypothyroidism for over a year now and my test results have improved nicely. She's a wonderful individual, professional, caring, supportive, a great communicator, and truly knowledgeable in the field of alternative care. You can find out more about her at She offers a 10 - 15 minute free consultation on the phone or in person as well. Nothing to lose! So much to gain. Rosie
Hello, I have been in your situation with PPD. The good news for me is that it went away after 1 year and I am back to my happy self. Dr Erika Horowitz is great. She works in Berkeley and San Francisco so not close to Walnut Creek but it is so worth the drive! She is a DN and uses Chinese herbs as well. I highly recommend her. Feel free to contact me: belzebuthienne [at] Fully recovered
I have been seeing an excellent Naturopath in Berkeley that I would highly recommend. She is smart, well informed, and her treatment has worked for me where my western doctor's failed miserably. She is right over the hill from you on Ashby in Berkeley, and she has Saturday hours, which might help with your schedule. Dr Elizabeth Korza, 510-845-8600. anon

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Sept 2010

Re: Primary care physician ... Recs and advice needed
If you want a physician who is committed to health and preventative care - rather than just treating symptoms - consider Dr. Elizabeth Korza, a Naturopathic Physician. You can phone her at 510-845-8600 to get a sense of her approach to medicine ... or visit her website here: Dr. Korza has really helped my own daughter, and I can give her an enthusiastic recommendation. David

Sept 2010

Re: OB-GYN in Berkeley area with holistic mindset

Hi, Dr. Erika Horowitz is wonderful! She is a Naturopathic Doctor, has a great non invasive approach and in my case, she had an alternative approach in response to all my ailments. Her treatments were all super efficient (such as Chinese herbs and naturopathy). Dr. Horowitz works at the Milvia Alta Bates and can be reached on (510) 848 7070. Isabelle

You might want to try Dr Elizabeth Korza ND who is a naturopathic doctor and primary care physician specializing in women's health incl. annual exams (pap etc). She's been my doctor for several years and I think she's absolutely wonderful! I find her to be extremely knowledgeable, caring, warm, and an excellent listener. Take a look at her website: for more info. She's conveniently located in the Elmwood district in Berkeley. Rosie
Feb 2010

Re: Nutritionist, Internist, or naturopath for digestion issues?
I could have written your post five years ago. I tried my MD, useless, and chose a naturopathic doctor. Basically, I told her that everything I eat makes me fart.

My ND got me started on hydrochloric acid and more complex digestive enzymes. That helped but then I needed to find out about food allergies, that's where the ND beats a nutritionist as an ND is a doctor who can order food allergy panels that were covered by my insurance. (And don't get me started about nutritionists who tow the line on the RDA aka Recommended Death Allowance). Once I identified my allergies I really noticed results and also benefited from clearer skin.

Next steps where some tough but helpful detox's to 'heal my gut'. Finally, a round of anti-candida medications. Today, I feel like a million bucks and my appearance has improved so much, such as no dark circles under the eyes, no more adult acne.

I moved from Seattle a few years ago and started working with an ND here in Berkeley, Coleen Murphy. I felt that she continued the good care I received from my former ND and also pushed the envelope by bringing in the candida factor.

My life and my wife are much happier now! My diet is more limited and I have eliminated some of my former (but troublesome) foods but the changes have been the best thing I have ever done for my health. It wont be easy, but it will be worth it. Good Luck. Happy Gut

I highly recommend Carol Lourie in Berkeley. She is a licensed acupuncturist, trained naturopath and homeopath. She is helping me heal through a massive health crisis that involved spinal collapse and subsequent fusion. She is incredibly loving, knowledgeable, competent and compassionate. She is very holistic and treats the whole body as opposed to just the parts. She owns the Center for Natural Health Care and Healing at 776 Page Street in Berkeley. Her number is 510-526-2028 and her website is Good luck in your healing process! chiro
I highly recommend Charlotte Massey, ND. She specializes in digestive issues. I've been seeing her for hormone balancing. She is compassionate and caring, and most importantly, she really helped me get healthy. She is at Clear Center of Health in Mill Valley (www.clearcenterof It's not a convenient location, but after the initial consultation, I have had most of my appointments via phone, which works our great for me. You can reach Dr. Charlotte at (415) 388-5520. Healthy and Balanced

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April 2009

Hello, I have a 14 month old who has been dealing with eczema that started at around 4 months old. I have tried nearly every cream out there and only the hydrocortisone ointment seems to work, but only temporarily and with possible unknown health detriments. I am hoping to take him to a naturopathic pediatrician who can prescribe a more natural treatment and possibly become our child's primary physician. I would love to be pointed in the right direction to someone who is qualified as well as affordable as it will most likely be out of our insurance network (Kaiser). Anything helps! Thanks! ckp

I would like to recommend my naturopathic doctor, Coleen Murphy ND of Natural Medicine Works in Berkeley. She worked with me and my (now 2 year old) son to manage his eczema with effective natural therapies and provided concrete advice on necessary diet and environmental changes. It worked! I like that she directed me to press my PCP for some labs which were very revealing, but she can order the labs herself if your PCP refuses. Dr. Murphy is not contracted with insurance companies (I have BC) but she did give me a superbill which got me a ~70% reimbursement and I ran the rest through my HSA. I would check with your insurance company first before making an appointment since reimbursement rates vary greatly. Good Luck, MPM

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Nov 2008

Does anyone have good experiences about treating baby's eczema with the help of a naturopath? If yes, can you recommend a naturopath in Berkeley or Oakland? Our 10 month old daughter baby has eczema on her cheeks and chin. On bad days it's red, on worst days it gets dry and flaky. Natural creams, oils (olive oil, sunflower, calendula) only seem to aggravate it (make it even more red). Hydrocortisone, of course, helps, but I don't want to use it, unless it's absolutely necessary. I have been trying to figure out if it is an allergic reaction, but don't have consistent ''findings.'' I would appreciate any advice. Kati

For the treatment of pediatric eczema, a great naturopathic doctor I recommend is Coleen Murphy, ND. Her main office is in SF but offers weekend appointment in the East Bay. Not only is she a smart and caring ND; she is a mom herself so can definately craft a realistic treatment plan for you. You can find her contacts at; as well as a list of all the other licensed naturopath's in California. This is important because many people call themselves naturopath's; but only the doctors on have been to a naturopathic medical school. Big Pappa
August 2008

Any recommendation for a good Naturopath Doctor on the East Bay or Bay area? Thanks.

Dr. Jaspreet Mundair is a naturopathic doctor in Pleasant Hill. She can treat a variety of ailments, is extremely knowledgable and will take the time to listen to you. She can be reached at 925.812.4990. anon
I highly recommend Dr. Tara Levy ( I, my husband, and our young daughter have all seen her for various ailments and issues and I have been very impressed by both the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Her approach is very holistic and she really listens to you, asks good questions and makes suggestions that go beyond what supplements to take - including nutrition and lifestyle changes you can make. She has offices in Concord and Oakland. Elizabeth
Dr. Cecilia Hart is a wonderful, brilliant naturopathic doctor. 499-2297, Stanford grad, trained in Oregon, precise in diagnosis, teaches meditation. Reba
My wife and I have been very happy with 2 naturopathic doctors at Natural Medicine Works-Dr Coleen Murphy and Dr. Minna Yoon. Dr. Yoon treated our son for food allergies and Dr. Murphy was able to see us too when Dr. Yoon was on vacation. They both really know their stuff and were able to get to the root of the problem and make recommendations that we are very happy with. I feel that not only was our problem addressed, but that our whole family became healthier with the knowledge they shared. There is a conmplete list of naturopathic doctors in California on I can say you should choose one of these licensed and clinically educated docs over a 'naturopath' which does not tell you anything about their education or training. BigDaddy
I very highly recommend Elizabeth Korza! She is a highly knowledgeable, personable naturopath with excellent communication and a great passion for her work! She's been taking great care of me and others I have referred to her. She has offices in Berkeley as well as in San Francisco. Please see her website for contact info: rosie

2007 Reviews

Oct 2007

Hi, Can anyone recommend a naturopathic doctor, preferably not too far from the Oakland/Berkeley area? I'm looking for someone who has decent experience, and preferably went to school at Bastyr. Experience with adrenal fatigue is a plus. Most importantly, I'd like an ND who cares more about helping to heal their patients than being a businessman/woman. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. shelly

I have the PERFECT person for you! Dr Tara Levy meets every one of your criteria: naturopath, on the Berkeley/Oakland border, graduate of Bastyr, and truly passionate about the art of healing. She is very down to earth, accessible, and communicative, with a balanced approach to healing body, mind, and spirit. Check out -
Hi, I can highly recommend a woman who is the best all round practioner, Dr. Zhao Su, a chiropractor/acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and nutritionist with many sub-specialites under her belt. She is in San Leandro right off Marina Blvd. and is so much MORE into patient care that she hasn't taken the time to advertise so I am happy to seak up on her behalf. She helped me significantly with adrenal repair, overall metabolism with a very holistic, cutting edge approach, gentle and specific. She is fascinated with problem solving and detecting causes...and that worked out great for me. She is a lovely young woman as well. I value her care and knowledge. New Paradigm Chiropractic Center Zhao Su, L. Ac, Chiropractor and Nutritionist 2287 Washington Ave, San Leandro 510-346-2688 Louise
H Shelly, I want to recommend Dr. Rebecca Wilhelm, ND. She is caring, intelligent, and an extremely good diagnostician. Her offices are in a medical building on Milvia Street in Berkeley. Call 510.848.7070 to make an appointment. Her website is at David
I can't say enough good things about Tara Levy, our ND. She works in both Walnut Creek and Berkeley, She helped me to get pregnant quite easily after my Western doctors wanted me to undergo extensive testing and take fertility drugs. She very quick, is a great listener and really cares about her patients and their outcomes. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I believe she is a graduate of Bastyr as well. happy mom
I highly recommend Tara Levy, ND. She went to Bastyr and is an incredibly gifted, intelligent and thoughtful doctor. Great listener, and I always come away feeling like I've learned something and feeling inspired to take better care of myself. And she has an office in Berkeley. Her website:
Dr. Rebecca Wilhelm is a great Berkeley-based ND who graduated from Bastyr. She's my health-care provider and a personal friend of 20+ years, and I respect & trust her implicitly. Here's her contact info: 2500 Milvia Street Suite 218 Berkeley, CALIFORNIA 94704 Tel: (510) 848-7070 dr.wilhelm [at] - Saaba
June 2007

My family and I, two adults and two young children, have been going through one illness after another since last October. We have had little time inbetween illnesses which range from colds and flu bugs to staph and strep infections. We cannot seem to break out of it and we are exhausted. The doctors at Kaiser give us conflicting advice IE: Everyone take antibiotics at once, stop all antibiotics, give only the person who is sick antibiotics etc. And round and round we go. It is very frustrating and I pretty much never want to go to Kaiser again. We need to try something else and I don't know what I am looking for. Homeopath? Naturopath? Whatever it is I need to be able to comprehend it with a foggy brain. I don't have time to read a book. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for alternative treatments or physicians who can help get us get out of this cycle. sick of being sick

If you are looking for a good naturopathic doctor, I would recommend Dr. Rebecca Wilhelm. She is a gifted diagnostician and often able to come up with simple solutions that traditional physicians have overlooked. She might be just what you have been looking for. Her appointment number is 848-7070. anon
I feel for you--you and your family must be exhausted. I think a naturopath would be a great way to go at this point (homeopathy is one tool in the naturopath's arsenal, so you may get more bang for your buck, so to speak, in seeing a naturopath). Antibiotics are not the answer in many cases, and unfortunately, could be part of the reason your family's illnesses continue. Antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but also wipe out all of the beneficial bacteria in your gut. This is a problem because it is the beneficial flora that help keep your immune system strong--without the good bacteria, your immune system is weakened, and thus more susceptible to illness. You all should start taking probiotics immediately (available in health food stores, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl), to replenish and restore the good bacteria, and help your immune system get back up to snuff. The other things that help stave off illness in our household are amino acids (via supplement or good old protein), TONS of vitamin C, elderberry, goldenseal, and Virastop, which is an enzyme made by Enzymedica (avail. at same places as probiotics). A naturopath can recommend other supplements, and also help you get to the root of the problem. Best wishes in healing. Tracy
Try Dr. Rebecca Wilhelm, ND. She's a Naturopathic doctor who has helped my family with various illnesses, chronic and otherwise, over the last 2 years. She's different from regular docs in that she looks at the whole picture --diet/nutrition, stress, exercise, sleep, etc. But she's not anti-allopathic medicine either --a nice balance. Here's her info: Dr. Rebecca Wilhelm, ND 2500 Milvia Street Suite 218 Berkeley, CALIFORNIA 94704 Tel: (510) 848-7070 Good luck, S. L

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Nov 2006

Does anyone recommend a Naturopathic doctor that is located in Berkeley or Oakland. I have a recommnedation for one in Sf - Elspeth Seddig, but less travel would be better as naturopathy is a time/money commitment. I foudn a listing of about 7 NDs in the East Bay. I have been diagnosed with parasites and then I have some other ailments that could be related and my fmaily practioner is ready to presribed Flagyll but I took that 10 years ago and not sure I can do it whiel watchign 2 toddlers. long story. thanks for any advice/recommendations karen

Hi Karen, I can highly recommend Dr. Marianne Marchese, N.D. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and is State licensed as a primary care doctor. Her office is in Albany on Santa Fe Ave. Her phone is 510-414-9727. She has a website that describes her practice: http:// David
I can highly recommend Claudia Weitkemper at Natural Healing Ways, 1115 Marin Ave in Albany. She is a Naturopath, an RN, and an accupunturist - great combination of skills. I found her warm and knowledgable and experienced. 510-288-3313 Best of luck Melissa
I highly recommend Marianne Marchese as a naturopathic doctor. She is highly intelligent, caring and has great bedside manner. She is very thorough in her intake. Her number is 510- 414-9727. You can also check out her website: Sara
Oct 2006

I am looking for a naturopathic practitioner in the Oakland/Berkeley area who can help me with seasonal allergies. Can you recommend anyone? Thank you Lisa

Dr. Rebecca Wilhelm is a fantastic Naturopath. She works in Oakland and Berkeley and takes most insurance. She does work with allergies and your initial visit can be over an hour as she wants to understand your medical history. She has an approachable easy-going disposition and really looks at the whole person. Good luck. 510 332-1865 or Kari
Oct 2006

Does anyone have any recommendations or feedback on naturopaths in the Oakland/Berkeley area? Specifically I'm looking for a doctor who accepts their patients using allopathic medicine in addition to naturopathy, and who has experience with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and possibly subclinical hypothyroid.

I can highly recommend a gifted diagnostician and treator, Dr. Zhao Su, D.C., L.Ac., in San Leandro. Dr. Su has helped me quickly (6 months) resolve chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression (small D) with her multi-specialty approach. I am so happy and grateful. She uses applied kinesiology, nutritional supplements (very easy on the stomach, very reasonable costs) chiropractic and interesting approaches like cold laser, EFT version that is so fast,etc. She is very kind, very smart, thorough but efficient, a great diagnostician, loves to find the solution and for the right reasons, and very affordable. I have friends who swear by her, as well. Her office is very near intersection of Marina Blvd and Washington Blvd, on Washington, just east of Nordstrom Rack. New Paradigm Health Center Dr. Zhao Su, D.C., L.Ac 2287 Washington Ave San Leandro, CA 94577 510-346-2688 Louise
I've seen Dr. Tara Levy on several occasions. I personally combine allopathic with alternative medicine (including homeopathy) which she seems absolutely fine with. She is very open, informed and a great listener. She has offices in Berkeley and Concord. I'd highly recommend her
I have had a very positive relationship with Dr.Sada Anand Miller; she's a hands-on chiropracter, nutritionist, gives supplements if indicated, has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Her knowledge is extensive and I find her presence very healing. Her office is at 29th St and Summitt on Pill Hill. Phone 208-3224 Bonnie
Oct 2006

Hello, I've been experiencing a depressive episode for about six months now, and am finally considering taking something to help alleviate these negative feelings. For a variety of reasons, I'd rather not consider pharmaceuticals at this stage, and have heard that some folks have luck with herbal remedies. Has anyone on the list tried this and, if so, would you recommend your naturopath/doctor of oriental medicine? Has anyone had any luck with other natural remedies (I have a pretty decent diet and exercise regularly, so I've got those bases covered.) I'm ideally looking for a practitioner in Oakland/Berkeley. Thanks looking for alternatives

I recommend Mary Lynn Morales, who is an acupuncturist and herbalist. She has helped both my partner and myself and several friends with various mental and physical complaints. 510-326-7928 Constance
Aug 2006

Hi: I am wondering if anybody can recommend a REALLY good naturopath. This would be for an adult and I need somebody who is really really knowledgable on western herbs and what types of herbs are best for specific ailments. Specifically, I need somebody who could help in treating a chronic urological problem. I am not interested in homeopathic or chinese herbs, so I would prefer to see somebody who doesn't focus heavily on that. Thanks so much for the help, wanting to heal

Try Tara Levy ND. She is in Concord and has a breadth of knowledge in a lot of areas. Her office manager, Gabrielle is very knowledgable and can answer your specific questions when you call. Tara's number is: 925- 602-0582. Good Luck! Sindy

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I'm looking for a naturopath for a consultation for my daughter, preferably in the Berkeley / Oakland area. I checked the Naturopath national organization web site and found Carol Lourie listed in Berkeley. Anyone familiar with her or have another recommendation? Thanks Seth

I recommend the Center for Natural Health Care in Berkeley not a pediatric practice explicitly but one that caters to families and often children, mine included. The practice specializes in Naturopathy and Homeopathy. Phone number is: 5262028. Extremely professional, friendly and personal. AJPlow
October 2001

I am looking for a naturopathic physician, and wonder if anyone has had good or bad experiences with Victoria Hamman (S.F.), Carl Hangee-Bauer (S.F.) or Tara Levy (Concord). Thanks.

I went to Carol Lourie after producing several irregular pap smears. She put me on a regimen--similar to that recommended by Tori Hudson, a well-known and reputedly brilliant naturopath in Portland--of vitamins, vegan diet, herbal treatments, a little homeopathy, as well as some acunpuncture for destressing, and the combination appears to have worked, to my relief. Her office is in the Tannery at 4th and Gilman in north Berkeley; her number is 526-2028.
Good luck. Melanie
This reply is a bit late but I hope it still helps you. Carl Hangee-Bauer is AWSOME! He's very very nice, really cares, really listens, and knows a lot. I've never been to a better doctor. Web Site here: Colleen