What health insurance covers Naturopathic medicine?

Hi Wise Parents,

Does anyone know which insurances will reimburse for naturopathic care? I have Hashimoto's which is an autoimmune condition. I currently have Kaiser and they are not helpful in helping me heal from this condition. I have paid out of pocket for a naturopathic doctor in the past and that was really helpful but super expensive. It's open enrollment for my health insurance and I can switch insurance. There are lots of options including Blue Cross and Blue Sheild. Has anyone already gone down this rabbit hole and found a good option? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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 I also have Hashimoto’s, as well as lupus, and I also had to switch from Kaiser because Kaiser only knows how to treat thyroid disease one way – and that did not work for me.

I go to the Institute for Health and healing which part of Sutter Health,  and my Blue Cross Blue Shield covers all of Sutter and Alta Bates. The thyroid specialist at Institute for Health and healing is Akil Palinasamy. He is an MD but very much into naturopathic principles. Here’s to your health!