Naturopathic doctor in the Bay Area for kids

Hi folks,

any recommendations for a great naturopathic doctor in the Bay Area who can check for food sensitivities and other vitamins/ mineral deficiencies? My kid has adhd and I wanted to see if any supplement may help! We tried a doctored sometime back but it wasn’t a good experience at all!! Thanks in advance!!

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I’ve been taking my son to see Jill Stevens at Whole Family Wellbess in Emeryville since my son was 2, he’s now 10. I use Jill as his primary care dr and pretty much only use kaiser for diagnostics. She really listens to my son and has made it a focus to build a trusting relationship with him. This is invaluable because when he’s sick and vulnerable going to see Jill is a comforting experience. She has helped us with all kinds of food sensitivity testing and when I could get testing done through our kaiser insurance I did that and brought the results to her for her recommendations. 

Hi, I am also looking for a naturopathic doctor for my 7 month old baby. I have had the hardest time finding one that sees kids. You would think in such a large metropolitan area there would be a few but no such luck so far. I was wondering if you get any leads if you could share them with me? And I'll do the same. Thank you!

Check out Dr. Sheriff at Olive Leaf Pediatrics. We attended a public session with her and found her very impressive.