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Just took a job at UCB, what are our options?

May 2007

My family (includes 2 adults and 11- and 13- year-old children) will be starting to get UC Berkeley benefits on July 1. We'll be moving to Berkeley from out of state and seek recommendations on health insurance choices-- cost, flexibility etc. wondering

I have the Blue Cross plus plan -- although more expensive than the Kaiser plan, I like being able to choose my own doctors (you still have to stay within their network, but there is a pretty large pool to choose from). Also, I like the accupuncture/chiropractic and behavioral health benefits -- they are very good and again the network(s) seem to be pretty good. .
When my husband began his job at UC three years ago, we decided to try the Kaiser plan since it seemed to offer the most coverage for the lowest premiums and co- pays. I was skeptical at first, but decided to at least try it. I have seen doctors at several of the facilities (you have the right to choose). We have been so happy with the doctors and care we have recieved at Kaiser that now I wouldn't want any other plan. I am very attached to my doctors and feel we have been given excellent care even when doctors on call were simply assigned to us. I delivered my baby at Kaiser Walnut Creek in March and had a great experience there as well. I feel so lucky that we are Kaiser members. I should say that I have the least experience with Kaiser Oakland. I usually go to Walnut Creek, Park Shadelands (great facility) or SF. You can get good recommendations from Berkeley Parents Network and remember that you can always switch doctors within the system. There are plenty of good ones from what I can tell. anne