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  • Hello BPN advice-givers,

    My husband and I are hoping to find a real estate agent to help us purchase our first home in Crockett. 

    We are considering Chris Stuart, who is an Exclusive Buyer Agent. Has anyone worked with her, and is anyone willing to share their experience with her? Do you think that her being an "Exclusive Buyer Agent" matters that much? 

    We are also considering John Sloss. He seems bright, and he knows the area. Has anyone worked with him, and have any opinion of their experience?

    We're seeking someone who is not a breezy, sales-pushing agent. We'd like someone who will understand that we are ok with old things--not necessarily splashy granite counter tops and stainless appliances. While we aren't picky looky-loos, we'd like someone who is okay with us not being in a rush. We'd also like someone who knows Crockett.

    Thank you all very much for any insight you can offer!

    If you are not already renting there, I'd highly recommend living in Crockett for at least a few months before buying your first home there. I worked in the area at one point, and ... just rent first.

    That other post worries me, it sounds very negative.  We bought our first (and only) home in Crockett without having lived here first.  20 years later we are still here, and love it.  It's been a great place to raise a family.

    There are many realtors working here in town (Sian Yap, Jan Orsi), but I think they all work with sellers.  So, probably a conflict of interest for them.  But you might try contacting the Crockett Chamber of Commerce and seeing if they have any ideas.

    Hello! I'm the original poster. I hope that it's ok to post this follow-up. I am curious about the response I received about renting in Crockett before buying a home there. Could the person who replied to my question please offer some insight into their experience? It's worrisome that someone has had a negative experience there--the people I've met there seem nice. If there is something flat-out horrible with the place that I'm not seeing (beyond freeway noise), I'd rather not live there at all first. My husband and I have two little kids and we don't want to uproot just to uproot again. I would very much appreciate further insight into this posters' experience, or more input from anyone else. Thank you again.

    OR here - original respondent, who suggested renting first. I stand by that, although happy you got a respondent who actually lives there too. As I said in my first response, I worked in the area at one time. It was for a neighboring city gov't., with friends in public safety who had experience there from mutual aid responses. The OP didn't say that s/he had any experience there, I guess I am assuming you are considering Crockett because it has a lot of cute houses and it as cheap as you can get on the I-80 corridor before crossing a bridge. If you have been renting there, working there, or otherwise already know the community well, go for it! But if not, Crockett is a different kettle of fish from the El Cerrito/Berkeley/Oakland area, IMHO, and I would highly recommend living there first in some capacity before investing your life savings there. It is much more like Martinez/Benicia/Vallejo, not that those are bad places, but they are definitely different than what you're used to if you're coming from the inner East Bay.

    Crockett is down wind from a large oil refinery.

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If you commute to Berkeley, Crockett is a reasonable option, and there are still houses for sale in the $500,000 range sometimes.  The school district is small, but extremely diverse.  We have had very good luck with the special ed department for our special needs child, and also good experiences for our gifted child.   Crockett has a great small town vibe, and people really do know their neighbors.  Commuting to Hayward might be unpleasant, but if it's only one day a week, it's worth taking a look.  

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May 2015

RE: Is Emeryville Toddler Friendly?

It's not perfect and aesthetically a little rough, but Crockett is a good option for families in the Bay Area. Rent has increased but you can still find some Victorian 2-3 bedroom flats with yards for under $2,000.

Positives - safe, strong community, social atmosphere, lots of parks, water views. Best part is the commute is manageable. My husband took the West Cat Bus, immediate transfer in Hercules and was in SF in 40 mins. The bus even had wi-fi so he could get his work done early if needed.

Challenges - although Crockett is designed to be a walking community, county regulations make it impossible for small businesses to thrive. So the downtown has potential and locals are working to revitalize it, but for now you need a car to run errands such as grocery shopping. You can also order from Spud or shop our farmers market.

Your idea of entertainment will change. We used to love checking out the newest restaurants and multiple events in the city. Still close to everything, our date nights are in Oakland, but casual weekends we hang out with neighbors on the front porch or attend community group meetings. There are about 50 groups available to residents; home brewers club, community garden, improvement associations, quilting, stroller walking groups, board game night with cocktails, board game night for families, it goes on. There is a parents group where we hold holiday parties, playgroups and moms/dads night out.

At the same time Crockett is nestled in the back roads, so you can just enjoy the nature and relax if you prefer.

I didn't think I was a small town kind of person, but my need for busy city atmosphere fits in nicely here. Crockett provides a lifestyle that has benefited our family life.

Good luck out there! Marla

June 2013

Re: Moving 2-3hrs outside the Bay Area
Crockett! On the water (Carquinez Straits), cute houses reasonably priced, awesome pool and community center, lots of artists in residence. And about an hour from Berkeley. Crockett is a gem! former Crocketteer

Sept 2008

Re: Cheaper but safe enough neighborhoods
How about Crockett? It's safe - my 7 year old walks around by herself, and you never hear gunshots! There's a great feeling of community, with lots of community events and meetings. It's a small town where it's easy to get to know people and become part of the community.

Advantages: small, friendly, surrounded by parks (so easy access to hiking and biking), and quite affordable. There is a NICE house down the block, 3 bedroom/2 baths, for $399,000. Oh, many houses have fabulous views, too. The area is pretty staunchly Democratic, too, being an old mill town. Lots of funky, interesting things like the Sunday jazz performances at the local deli, the tiny little weekend farmer's market, and the very nice community pool.

Disadvantages: Lack of public transportation. The nearest big grocery store, as well as the elementary school, are in the next town over, so I end up driving more than I would like. Not many restaurants out here, and not a lot of variety. The nearest truly great pizza is Berkeley (lots on mediocre pizza out here, but it's a long way to Lanesplitter).

Finally, to live out here, you have to have a tolerance for oddity. The houses all have quirks, as do many of the residents. But if you like quirkiness, you might love Crockett. Happy transplant from San Francisco

Feb. 2003

We consider moving to Crockett. Does anyone of you live there or knows somebody who lives there? I would like to know something about the community in Crockett and the commute from there to Berkeley. Is the commute really bad? Unfortunately I have to drive at the rush-hours. I have to be at the Gilman exit at 8:45a.m. and would go back either at 4:00p.m. or at 5:45p.m., which probably doesn't make a difference. Thanks for any response. Christiane

I live in Crockett, and love it. I used to commute to downtown Berkeley, and if you get off at the Gilman street exit, it's not a bad commute at all - the real buildup starts right around Gilman. Actually, if you can somehow arrange to start your job just 15 minutes later or so, it really makes a difference in traffic on that particular commute.

Crockett in general is a really nice place to live. It truly is a small town, and all the businesses are small, locally-owned. There is an active playgroup, a small but nice library, a park with a good playground, and a pool that is open in the summers. The people are nice, and the views are amazing. You are very welcome to contact me with any questions, concerns, etc, or if you just want to meet someone in town! Emma

Crockett has a wonderful, strong Catholic community. We are not Catholic, and felt a *little* like outsiders when we lived there. They have wonderful, dedicated teachers, but school scores are not so great right now. The elementary school is in Rodeo and within sight of an oil refinery. In the event of a chemical emmision (it happened a while back, I recommend you research this for yourself) children and residents have been instructed to shelter in place. The high school mascot is an Indian despite efforts to change it. The views are excellent, dynamic and lovely, but the steep hills mean you do a lot of driving (putting more wear and tear on your car) or you must have legs like a mountain goat. I don't know how long it takes to drive to Gilman at rush hour, but it took around 30 minutes to the Del Norte BART at 5:30 a.m. when we lived there. A new bridge is being built across the Carquinez Straight, which is disruptive but fascinating to watch. The people really care about their community and are nice. There are organizations you can join, including the humorously-named CIA (Crockett Improvement Association). Housing prices are relatively affordable, a boon to first time buyers. As a C company town, most of the older folks used to work there and the history is quite interesting. Depending on the part of town, you can hear the C whistle at various times of day, the passing trains and the foghorns. Go and visit, picnic at a park, walk the hills and see how you like it (this actually goes for anyplace you may decide to live). good luck

I just wanted to apologize for my earlier post about Crockett. Upon reading it a few days later, I noticed it had a rather negative tone, which was not my intent. (I wanted it to be balanced). It really is a special place, a small-town gem, a rarity in the bay area. It will always have a special place in my heart. good luck