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June 2006

Re: What neighborhoods do young families tend to move to? We also were living in Upper Rockridge and were looking in the Lamarinda and Alamo areas. We decided to move to Alamo after looking for 1 year. We love the flat streets, sidewalks, wonderful parks (Hap Magee & Livorna Park), top rated schools and sunny weather. Also, the country clubs are great (Roundhill and Diablo) and have excellent swim and tennis teams for the children.

While many people here are a bit older, we've noticed that lots of families are moving in as home turn over. Our new neighbors just moved here from Orinda and Palo Alto and we're noticing a lot of kids under 5 in our vicinty now. We don't miss our old neighborhood at all now that we are here.

The only negative about Alamo is the high ticket price ($1.4 median home price) which is higher than Lamarinda area but it is well worth it if you can find a house you'd be happy with. Most of the homes are on .5 acre lot so there is a lot of spacing between the homes here
Highly Recommend Alamo