Alamo/Danville Area

We are looking into Alamo/Danville area and wanted to get some feedback on living there, schools, community, etc.

I am worried that we will be outcasted as we are non-white family.

I know the schools are top-notch and I like the flat streets and the parks.

Can anyone provide any feedback on how you like or dislike those towns?

Appreciate any feedback!

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My best friend grew up in Alamo/Danville during the 1980s-1990s and I remember her saying that most of the cheerleaders and other "popular" kids were non-white. That's just an anecdote, not a direct experience, but based on my experience in the East Bay I would guess that discrimination there is more likely to be socioeconomic rather than race- or ethnicity-based. If you can afford to live there, you fit it. Enjoy the awesome schools.

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Hi there,

We moved to Alamo over four years ago from San Francisco and could not be happier! The schools and community are AMAZING.  It is also getting more diverse as more and more young families are moving into the area.  You also get wonderful lots and the parks are great.  I have to say that I have not seen or heard any issues from any of my non-white friends who live in the area.  I can't speak for every school here, but our elementary school, Rancho, has an inclusion and diversity committee and last year I attended one of the most exciting, beautiful events at our school, where we had so many cultures represented. The woman who runs it is amazing and she is always reaching out to new families to get them involved.  Although many at our school look "white" we have families from Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc.  Granted, it is suburbia and much different than what you'd see in SF or Berkeley, but we love it. Danville is also great and has a cute downtown. Both are close to Walnut Creek for shopping, restaurants, etc. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want more information. 

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I'm Caucasian and wouldn't want to live there. I'm sure this may anger some who live there, but I find the demographics to be close to 95% Caucasian (or at least it feels that way when I'm there) Perhaps if you are of Indian Or Asian decent you might feel more welcome. But I would definitely not want to live there if I were African American. I don't live there, but I live near there, have friends who live there and my kids play sports with their teams and in those towns. If you want your kids to feel out numbered by about 95%, of the population, maybe you like it. 

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Our daughter has spent her junior and senior years at the Athenian School in Danville.  We live in Oakland, and while we've had a really positive experience at Athenian, which is quite diverse, have noticed that Alamo and Danville are very white.  I'd suggest spending some time in those communities before committing.