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  • Recs for upholstery loveseat

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    Hi, we own a loveseat whose fabric is falling apart and also the foam underneath is not great anymore. We are looking for a good upholstery that isn't too expensive (around 1000?). I don't think it's a big job, basically redoing the cushions and two side panels perhaps the base and the back. Not sure if we should buy the fabric separately or directly from the upholsterer. We are also willing to drive a bit further out, if it's someone good. Thanks for any advice! 

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    I used 17th Street Upholstery in San Francisco for some antique dining room chairs and was very happy with the price and results. I had my own fabric. The communications were not always straight forward as it is not a high tech business, but I was ok with that.

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    Jeanne Henzel is really good. She has lots of options nd knows her stuff! She helped me recover some outdoor furniture.

    Her webiste is  http://www.joonacreates.com/.

    RE: Recs for upholstery loveseat ()

    We had a similar issue with one of our sofas that had been in the family for some time. We used Joona Fabriculture and she was amazing. She completely customized the sofa fabric/design for us. You have to call her. It's Jeanne Henzel at Joona Fabriculture 


    info [at] joonacreates.com

  • Looking for recent recommendations for someone to replace the cushions on our dining room chairs.  

    Not “handy” so need someone to replace the padding and fabric, and possibly re-attach the seats to the chair.  

    I have been very happy with Umphred; they're on San Pablo near Allston in Berkeley. So far, they have recovered our dining room chairs, custom-made a sofa bed for us, recovered some outdoor chairs, and made custom cushions. Excellent quality!

  • Recommendations for Couch Re-Upholstery

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    Any suggestions for a reasonable, good place near S. F. or Berkeley to get a sofa re-upholstered?

    Thanks. bbconsults [at] aol.com

    B&D Upholstery in Concord. I have had good experiences there - four of them now. Easy to deal with, good pricing, good work. My things have been small enough to bring there myself but I think they can pick up. 

    Address: 2231 Commerce Ave, Concord, CA 94520Phone(925) 825-4993


    We re-upholstered our couch and chair about a year ago with Gonzalez Upholstery in East Oakland. They picked up the furniture, did a great job, and delivered the items in a timely manner. Both items look super! An additional recommendation I would make if you have not yet selected fabric is to check out Sal Beressi Fabrics in SF. What I found for our furniture is beautiful, and by taking a little time to find great fabric and a reasonably-priced upholsterer, we saved money and ended up with something we love.

    We can very highly recommend Patrick at LAVERTY'S UPHOLSTERY in Richmond. Tel  233-4945. Patrick did an outstanding job on two European chairs that have been in our family for 3 generations.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Recovering dining room chairs

Sept 2013

Inherited my gram's beautiful dining room set but the chairs are badly in need of being recovered. The more recent listings for upholsterer's are disconnected - anyone have a recent good experience with an upholsterer? They need a complete overhaul - padding, webbing and fabric which i'm hoping to update. Thanks wonderful community lucky grandaughter

My friend just had a chair re-upholstered at Mignonne on San Pablo in Berkeley. It looks amazing and she said it was very affordable. L

All natural reupholstering?

Aug 2013

Can anyone recommend a reupholsterer who will use all natural materials (wool, latex, etc.)? East Bay would be great. old sofa owner

Try contacting Jeanne Henzel at Joona Creates http://joonacreates.com/. She does excellent work, and does high end fabrication using wools and latex. Sasha

Upholsterer needed for sofa seat

June 2013

Two questions:

1. I am in need of an upholsterer/seamstress to make a cover for a sofa seat cushion. I have the fabric, all I need is the cover sewn, good quality work. Can anyone provide a recommendation for a good craftsman in the east bay?

2. Matthew O'Reilly, who used to have a shop on San Pablo in Albany, did some fabulous work for me, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to discover where I can find him now, or if he has closed his business altogether. Does anyone have knowledge of his whereabouts. Thank you In need

I highly recommend Patrick from Laverty's Upholstery. Tel 233 4945. Patrick covered two very precious chairs that have been in my family for 3 generations and did an excellent thoughtful job. He takes great pride in his work, is reasonably priced, and is a really good fellow. anon

Based on an earlier recommendation on BPN I took 2 very dear Mid-century Design armchairs to Laverty. I have been thinking for years about having them redone but i never trusted anyone well enough.

I just picked the armchairs up and they are absolutely perfect!

Patrick of Laverty Upholstery is a true artisan and a real artist. He seems to have mostly antique pieces in the store and by his own admission he never worked on this particular Mid-Century style.

Well, not only he completely rebuilt the chairs - in sorry shape after more than 50 years of use, overseas moves, children and animals - but he perfectly reinterpreted the styling, curved lines, sharp edges based on the designer's photos. To note that his fabric collection is somewhat limited, and I brought in my own fabric.

Superb European workmanship, flawless execution, honest, on time, very pleasant to deal with, highly recommended!! So good that I already took in another sofa to do.

Laverty Upholstery; 767 23rd St, Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 233-4945

i am very difficult to please!

Refinish and Reupholster old chair

May 2013

I would like to reupholster my grandfather's old wooden chair (and have the wood refinished). I have looked and looked for an East Bay (ideally) place to take it, but cannot find one. I would need new fabric, stuffing, and refurnishing of the wood. Thanks! Grandaughter

I had my dining room chairs fixed and reupholstered by Kay Chesterfield (http://kaychesterfield.com/) in Oakland. The chairs were in terrible condition: stuffing hanging out, broken wooden legs, etc. They look lovely now, have new fabric and stuffing and are structurally sound. I was very pleased with their work. Karen

Loving re-upholstery for high quality furniture

March 2013

I have two lovely Henredon club chairs that need updating and reupholstery. Suggestions would be much appreciated. I am looking for a crafts person with a flair for fabrics and design. Berkeley

Marni at M Studio is great! I found her on BPN also. She was quick, did beautiful work, and charged much less than other independent people I had spoken to. She also carefully reviewed specificities of my fabric before doing the project. Give her a call! caring east bay family

Need a chair upholsterer

Jan 2012

I have 2 living room chairs I love that need to be rebuilt, restuffed, recovered, etc. I got one bid that was over $2K per chair which seems super high. Can anyone recommmend a shop that does good quality work in the east bay or pretty close to Oakland/Berkeley. Thanks. The chairwoman

I highly recommend Ismael Banuelos. He has some great reviews on BPN but they are old. We used him last year to rebuild an old sofa and reupholster two Milo Baughman chairs and four lounge chairs. His work is flawless, his prices are very fair and he is lovely to deal with. He will pick up and drop off as well and give you a firm price in advance. Ismaelban69 [at] yahoo.com. His phone number is 925 216 7415. tanens

Loving re-upholstery for high quality furniture

Jan 2012

I'm looking for someone who can put leather seats on two old Arts and Crafts chairs. They need new leather and the padding etc. under it. Any ideas? Thanks Leslie

I've never used their services but I've heard that Mignonne on San Pablo reupholsters vintage furniture nicely. http://www.jesuismignonne.blogspot.com/ Amanda

Upholstering chairs- how much?

March 2011

I have two mid-century looking armchairs that I would like to reupholster. I checked the archives for suggestions but I am curious about price. How much will something like this run me? The chairs have a wood frame with tufted seat and back cushions. I know it depends on fabric choice, too. But, I just wondered if anyone has some estimates for this kind of project. I don't want to schlep the chairs around town. It might be out of my price range. Any suggestions on how to do this inexpensively?

Call Marni. She owns her own shop M Studio 510-893-6419 in West Oakland. In addition to being a lovely person and easy to deal with, she is a talented and meticulous upholsterer. She was able to use reduced yardage of a fabric I'd fallen in love with to cover a set of wing chairs we use at our dining room table. Not only did she cover them, but she was able to match the pattern of the fabric all around! She really does do magic! Her pricing is honest and she'll give you a quote via email if you send her a pic of what you want upholstered ( studio2434 at yahoo.com ). I've recommended others to her who have all been thrilled. Tell her I sent you. Leslie

Re-Upholstery for older couch?

Feb 2011

We are seeking a recommendation for someone / a company that can re-upholster an older couch. We have an older 'sleeper' couch that we'd like to keep, but it really needs a new upholstery job, and the 'slip covers' we've purchased are just not doing the trick. Any recommendations? If you've had it done, how were the results, and what was the cost? Any folks you'd stay away from? Thanks for any advice/recommedations; we are in Berkeley if that matters. Keep an older couch?

I know somebody who could help you reupholster the couch. She is a fantastic seamstress and has done lots of different jobs for me: curtains, alterations, and upholstering furniture. Give her a call. She's great to work with and reasonable prices. Her name is Tereza .. 510-478-7249 valtschul

Alex Conroy has a business called New Leaf. Her focus is taking your old upholstery (heirloom or just old) and bringing it up to date. She will bring you fabrics that work with your budget and your home. The piece will be taken away and returned in new and beautiful condition. I recommend Alex to everyone. She can be reached at 415-710-8831. nina

June 2009

Re: Furniture/Antique Restoration
If your antique restoration includes upholstering, I would like to recommend Ismael's Custom Upholstery. He has experience with 18th Century antiques, and does an exceptional job! I have had Ismael recover several pieces, and his work is top quality. You can contact Ismael at 925-216-7415. Kirsti

Upholsterer for contemporary Furniture

Feb 2009

Hi! I'm looking for an upholsterer who is comfortable working with contemporary furniture and fabrics. Ideally, it would be someone familiar with mid-century designs and, also, not too expensive. Thanks! Kirsti

I am happy to recommend Mike Boloyan as an excellent upholsterer. He's extremely meticulous, does beautiful work and is very affordable. I believe his speciality is contemporary furniture. I've had chairs done by him and they came back better than new. Please give him a call: 843-2596. He is near downtown Berkeley. Satisfied customer

I wanted to share that I ended up using a wonderful upholsterer from the BPN archives. His name is Ismael Banuelos, and his business is called Ismael's Custom Upholstery (925-216-7415). He recovered three mid-century modern chairs for me, although he told me that he is experienced with all styles, including 18th century antiques. Ismael is very friendly, his work is meticulous, at a reasonable cost, and everything was finished in a matter of weeks. Also, I have a background in Interior Design, so I am very picky ...highly recommended! Kirsti

This is a small local upholstery business - I am a designer and I use them all of the time for my client and personal projects. They are professional, do awesome work, are delightful and easy to work with. They complete jobs quickly and offer pick up and delivery. George is the owner and I hightly recommend them. Tell them ''Victoria sent me!'' JC Upholstry 3226 Fruitvale Ave. Oakland (next to Fruitvale exit on 580. 510 536 3034 V. B.

Nov 2008

Can anyone recommend someone who is good at reupholstering furniture? I'm looking to reupholster a comfy chair that I inherited from my grandfather. What's a reasonable charge for this? Any recommendations in the east bay would be great.

After reviewing the previous recommendations on BPN, we had a love seat and reading chair upholstered at Kay Chesterfield in Oakland last spring. They were accommodating in receiving the fabric that we purchased elsewhere (after unsuccessfully trying to find a match among their many fabric samples), picked up and delivered, and did a wonderful, on-time job on both pieces . It wasn't cheap, partly because I always seem to choose the higher end fabrics, but it was not out of line. We probably could have purchased new pieces for less, but our furniture is well-made, in good shape, and fits our room well so I feel like the upholstery was worth it. I would use them again. anon

We just had two wing chairs and a sofa reupholstered by Carlos Martinez of Intra Upholstering. He is down in Hayward. He did a fantastic job, his prices were reasonable and he was fast and reliable -- and he picked up and delivered the furniture. His phone number is 510-266-5744. happy with my as good as new furniture

June 2008

We have two old QA Wingback Chairs (relatively light weight and long legged, with no separate seat cushion) that we'd like to get repaired. One recently suffered from a broken metal strut (a support for the base of the seat) and both need to be restuffed and reupholstered because their coverings are threadbare. I'd appreciate recommendations for someone in the East Bay (Alameda up to Pinole) who does this kind of reupholstering/repair work for stuffed chairs. We're looking fo someone who is not extremely expensive (like Knop in Berkeley) since we're aiming only for restoration to functionality (they're our sons' favorite TV chairs), not antique restoration or re-making into perfect beauties. nancy

Amaral on Park Street in Alameda is great. The people are very nice and helpful and did a great job on all the projects I gave them, including reupholstering a chair. If you purchase the fabric through them, they usually give you some sort of discount, too. I was referred to them by a family member who has worked with many upholsterers over the years so I assume the pricing is good as well. Audrey

May 2008

We need to order a custom made mattress and cushions for our daybed in the living room as well as two chairs. The mattress need to be three inches or thinner. Any recomandation for a good cushion maker and resonably priced?

Regarding custom mattress and cushions with covers for a day bed, I can recommend the foam shop on Solano a few blocks east of San Pablo and on the southern side of the street, especially if speed and price are higher priority than quality. (Sorry, the name and number is not handy now). They were incredibly helpful, fast, and economic when we replaced cushions and mattresses for 2 daybeds and 3 built-in benches in our Arts house. All pieces met precisely the dimensions I supplied. For the covers, the sewing quality was satisfactory for my needs, yet it was not the most precise. They offer a range of foam thicknesses and quality, and a limited yet solid choice of fabric. Also they are more than happy if you bring in your own fabric. I intentionally kept the design and characteristics of the cushioning simple so that I could rely upon thier skills (and will) to complete the work satisfactorily. For example, I would have been hesitant to use a fabric where matching patterns across the various planes of the cushion would be important. They did add piping as a matter of course, while I limited fabrics to solids, or patterns where matching was not necessary. comfy with my cushions

May 2008

I would like to reupholster our 1980s couch with new fabric and replace some of the cushions with new foam. Any ideas on where to get this done and how much it might cost? It seems more eco-friendly than getting a new couch, but I'm not sure what is involved. Thanks! Lara

Hi, I recently used Ismael's Custom Upholstery @ 925-216-7415. I found his name on these archives and was really happy with his work. He came to my house with fabric swatches, took the couch away and brought it back when he was done! I highly recommend him. cris

April 2008

We have a vintage 1950's chrome dinette set with vinyl chairs in dire need of repair. We're hoping to find a recommendation of an upholsterer/restorer who has had specific experience with this kind of chair/work. Hope another 1950s kitchen afficionado can help. Thanks! Ripped and worn, but still cute

Run, do not walk, to King Covers on Broadway in Oakland's auto row. About 10 years ago I had the chairs for my grandmother's dinette reupholstered there. They did a great job, not too pricey, and gave me great design advice. They have a good selection of vinyls from which to choose. Have fun! Anon

Vinyl is pretty forgiving. It is hard to screw it up. You can probably do it yourself and it is really fun to do. All you need is the vinyl (get it at StoneMountain on Shattuck & Dwight, great selection, cheap, fun stuff...they also have an OK selection at Discount on SanPablo X Ashby) a staple gun, hammer, something to cut it with, maybe a screw driver...look under the seat. If it is screwed on, unscrew it (use tape to keep your screws together) cut your vinyl big enough to wrap over the seat. Staple it in place underneath. If you want the corners smoother, heat it with a hair dryer as you are pulling it into place. Use a lot of staples and pound them in with a hammer after so they are smooth. Screw it back together. Some cool old chairs have back cushions that are put together with hob nails and those are easy to get at hardware stores. Piped seats will need to be made with a heavy leather needle on a sewing machine and you make a pattern by drawing around a piece of paper! on your chair. Or take it apart & use it as a pattern. Look at a sewing book at Stonemountain or ask one of the staff. They are all great resources.

Anyway, it sounds like a fun project! Obviously, if it is super intricate, you might need a pro. But, usually, vinyl chair projects are simple and easier than they look to do. You are going to enjoy picking the vinyl out!

March 2008

I'm looking to get a large corduroy chair reupholstered. I noticed a bunch of recommendations on BPN for Ramon Upholstery on San Pablo, but when I drove by there today the place was empty and had a for lease sign. The phone number no longer works either. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether Ramon has relocated or has any more recent suggestions about good, reasonably priced upholsterers. I'm willing to drive a fair distance to find someone--Marin, the Peninsula, wherever--if the price is right. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Looking to Refurbish

We have used Mario's Bon Decor in San Mateo - very reasonable. Address is 2232 Palm Avenue. 650.349.8802 -ask for Mario. Tell him Tony referred you and he will give you a great deal! santoine

I would highly recommend Maureen Dixon, who does amazing custom upholstery and sewing work out of her own home in North Oakland. She has thirty years of sewing experience and a true love for the craft. Call her at 510-654-8516 (between 9:00 a.m & midnight) for fastest response. jennifer

March 2008

Looking for names of excellent chenille upholstery fabric sources - ideally local; out of town places like LA are also ok. This is for two comfortable, not fussy livingroom couches. Uninterested in absurdly priced imported fabric that take months to arrive.

Try Norman Bernie (maybe Bernie Norman? I can never remember) Fabrics in San Mateo (Tel. 650.342.8586) -- I've gotten great prices on upholstery fabrics there. Call ahead to see if they have what you want in stock. More locally, Discount Fabrics (www.discountfabrics-sf.com) at San Pablo & Ashby in Berkeley has an unpredictable but often fabulous stock of upholstery fabrics as well. Wish I Still Had Time to Sew

Have you tried Discount Fabrics on San Pablo? San Pablo & Ashby South/West Corner (can't miss it). I believe it's changed hands in last year, not as good? I check them out every now & than, recently purchased some outdoor fabric. I've bought a wide range of fabric for window treatments. Wide selection of upholstery, must see if yr in the area. Lot's of OLD stuff to go through, good price range. Not all cheap--they have fabric from $15-25++/yd. have fun! anon

Feb 2008

I'm looking to get a large corduroy chair reupholstered. I noticed a bunch of recommendations on BPN for Ramon Upholstery on San Pablo, but when I drove by there today the place was empty and had a for lease sign. The phone number no longer works either. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether Ramon has relocated or has any more recent suggestions about good, reasonably priced upholsterers. I'm willing to drive a fair distance to find someone--Marin, the Peninsula, wherever--if the price is right. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Looking to Refurbish

We have used Mario's Bon Decor in San Mateo - very reasonable. Address is 2232 Palm Avenue. 650.349.8802 -ask for Mario.

I would highly recommend Maureen Dixon, who does amazing custom upholstery and sewing work out of her own home in North Oakland. She has thirty years of sewing experience and a true love for the craft. Call her at 510-654-8516 (between 9:00 a.m & midnight) for fastest response. jennifer

Oct 2007

son-in-law favorite chair is getting shabby...we'd like to save it and keep him comfy. lse

Ramon Upholstery on San Pablo Ave @ Moeser does excellent work at very reasonable rates. The place looks dumpy and they can seem a little disorganized, but they replaced my 6 dining room chair cushions and covers in only 2 days. My one complaint is that they recommended I buy MUCH more fabric than I needed; I bought significantly less and still have quite a bit left over. They may assume you'll have a repeat pattern that requires centering, so check this out. Otherwise, I think they're a terrific find.

Oct 2007

I need to re-upholster several dining room chairs (just the seat--not the back--is upholstered). Any recommnedations? Thank you! Linda

I recently had my dining room chairs redone (cushions and covers) by Ramon Upholstery s on San Pablo at the t-intersection with Moeser in El Cerrito -- and was thrilled with the price, quality, and speed (2 days!). The only strange thing was that they told me I needed far more fabric than was necessary; I bought substantially less and it was still too much. Of course it depends on if you have a pattern that needs to be centered or not, so use your own judgment on that! I suggest you take one chair or chair seat with you to get an estimate; the number is 510.681.3650. The place looks like a disaster and seems pretty disorganized; the workers do not speak English and occasionally the English-speaking boss is not there, but I was very, very happy with the result. I bought my fabric at Calico Corners in Greenbrae, just over the Richmond bridge; Poppy is almost (maybe completely by now) out of business, but they had great stuff, too.

July 2007

Our cats have scratched up two matching living room chairs purchased at Room and Board a few years ago. Any recommendations for reupholsterers in the Berkeley/Albany area would be appreciated. Scappy Chair Owner

Albany has Knopps Upholstery on Solano Ave, near the BART tracks. They reupholstered a chair for me, they did a beautiful job, but I found the price too high. The exact price escapes me, around $50-300 with MY fabric. That was for a small side chair with carved wood frame, arms and legs. They only had to do the back and seat. Using their fabric, the price would have been almost double, so I bought fabric at Discount Fabrics on San Pablo in Berkeley to use. Knopps does very high quality work for a high price, if that suits your needs, I recommend them. +one nice chair+

As to the inquiry about Knopps Upholstery on Solano Anve,I recently had 2 chairs done....the workkmanship was lovely BUT when it came time to get them,the woman in charge of estimates doubled the price...It was a very unfortunate experience...she went ahead and doubled the amount of fabric she quoted me and upped the labor and charged for tax.....not sure of that....it was about doubled...I had another chair and ottoman I intended to have them do but after the trouble with the 2 chairs, I asked my friends and was sent to Lavertys in Richmond....Wonderful work and professional experience..do not let the area keep you away....well worth dealing with the man who runs it....I'd always use him in the future....I had used Gallardos in the past but they are no more....retired!!! jeanne

April 2007

Does anyone know of a good, reasonable upholsterer who can do a neat job on a large Victorian-looking loveseat?

Gina at Sew Far Sew Good in Alameda does excellent work. She's been in business for years and she has lots of experience with Victorian-era furniture. 1731 Clement Ave, Alameda (510) 521-3581 yfb

I highly recommend Olde World Furniture in Concord. It is located at 1875 Adobe St. Concord, CA 94520 The phone number is (925) 685-7018. My sister-in-law had two antique pieces reupholstered there and we just had an antique couch redone. All of the pieces have turned out beautifully! The woman's name is Nancy and she has tons of fabric options to choose from or she'll use something you bring in yourself. Her prices are reasonable and you can trust that she'll do an excellent job. The couch we had done is now so beautiful, we almost think it's too nice for our house! Becky

Recovering a large floor pillow

Sept 2006

I want to recover a very large about 3 foot diameter floor pillow which has blown-in kapok filling. I have new fabric, and just need a good semstress/upholsterer who can reconfigure the shape and create first a lining and then a slip cover and insert the pillow. It is quite heavy and needs a strong person tto work with it. I do not want to spend a fortune. Anyone know someone good to do this project? Pillowless

Faina Gordeeva has done beautiful sewing at a reasonable cost for me over the years. She is in San Lorenzo and can be reached at 481-5239

August 2006

I'm looking for reviews and recommendations for an upholsterer, preferably in the East Bay, for a good quality love seat and chair. Recommendations in the archives are all a little old jody

Try Kay Chesterfield in Oakland. anom

I highly recommend Ismael's Custom Upholstery! He jsut re- upholstered a couple of chairs for me and built new seat cushions, made new back cushions and made a matching throw pillow. He came to our house to give me an estimate. He made recommendations about which type of materials to use. He came and picked up the old cushions. We used a patterned fabric and he matched the pattern at the seams. FInally, he got them done in less than a week. His work is just beautiful! He's in San Leandro, but like I mentioned, he will come to you. Please call Ismael Benuellos at 925-216-7415 and tell him Shari Washburn recommended him shariw

June 2006

I am looking for a good upholsterer for several couches and chairs, some of which are antiques. Would love someone reliable, skilled, easy to work with. I am in North Berkeley. Thanks for any recommendations -- posted or sent to me directly sophieh

Mike Welsh Upholstery in San Francisco. 3612 17th St. 415.621.3639

Nov 2005

I am interested in recovering a couch wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a local re-upholsterer? I have searched the archives, but all the listings are over a year old. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks stephanie

I highly recommend Kay Chesterfield Upholsterers (533-5565). They are located near the Oakland Coliseum. They have both discounted fabrics as well as a regular upholstering service. Tthey are highly competent, will help with design services and pick up and deliver your furniture, if needed. All my living room furniture and my dining room chairs have at one time been re-covered by them and I am alway completely satisfied. Carol

Nov 2005

I'm looking to get a great old rocker refinished and reupholstered. I live in Albany and don't want to spend a fortune but really want this to look great. Does anyone have any recommendations? THANK YOU!!! Ready to rock :) slsanna

I love this guy's work. Affordable, pleasant to deal with, if a little on the slow side.
James Luker Freitas Upholstering Service 807 West Grand Ave. Oakland CA 94607 510.893.8268 jamesluker AT comcast.net

Nov 2005

Has anyone used Ramon Upholstery on San Pablo Ave in El Cerrito? I am looking to get a chair recovered. I have talkied with him and his price seems resonable, but I would like feedback on his work plc

To the person inquiring about Ramon's Upholstery: I have used him many times, mostly because he is comparatively low cost, but also because he's easy to deal with (almost always there, quick turnaround, etc.). I think he can do fine work if you're familiar with upholstery terminology and mechanics and know what you want in terms of detailing. However, I do recommend bringing in your own fabric (and other materials), clearly specifying detail and finishing materials and even looking over his shoulder through the process to make sure the finishing work is acceptable. If all this seems like too much trouble, it's probably worth paying the full-service premium prices to Knopps on Solano or the upholstery shop on San Pablo. KMS

Sept 2005

Any recommendations for shops or individuals that people have used to reupholster a couch? Ideally one that could recommend kid friendly, yet still relatively attractive fabric to use? Thank you!
Family with Battered Couch

I think I posted this a long time ago...but my friend, Teri Jourgensen does a great job upholstering and her prices are reasonable. She has done three jobs for me, and it's always a pleasure to go to her house because she has the most beautiful upholstered furniture! Her phone number is 925-376-0709 and her email is terijour[at]yahoo.com. She has done three jobs for me and they were all beautiful and reasonable priced! rosalind

April 2005

Do you have any advice about reupholstering dining room chairs? I have 6 Danish Modern dining room chairs that need new fabric on the backs and the seats. It would cost about $100 per chair to have it done professionally (excluding cost of fabric - which is about $200 if I'm lucky) - which is more than I'm willing to spend. I'm a craftsy person - but I've never reupholstered. How do I cut the fabric? What happens if I can't remove the seats and backs? Can I just staple the new fabric over the old? Any advice, lessons learned, good books and good classes would be so greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance. Nancy

I am not a terribly handy person, but this is as easy a job as you can find. Go to a fabric place and get some good heavy duty fabric, upholstery fabric is good but not required. I got mine at a discount place in SF. Get out a screw driver and unscrew the seats from the chairs. Cut your fabric into pieces large enough to wrap around the seat with a good 3-4 margin on all sides. Staple into the underside of the chair using a staple gun. Unless the old fabric is really bunchy you don't need to remove it first. Rescrew seats into place. Okay, you're done. Nelly

I've done this a lot of times, and it is super easy. You just need a staple gun and a screwdriver. You can get both at the hardware store for probably $10 total. Turn the chairs upside down and look for the screws that hold the seat to the chair. Take off the seat and then decide if you want to remove the old fabric or just cover as is (much easier). Now stretch the new fabric over and staple. Do two opposite corners first, gathering the fabric so it doesn't look all bunchy on the seat. GO

Sept 2004

We are looking to have dining room chairs reupholstered, and would appreciate recommendations for (or against) local providers -- the archives seem a little dated for our needs. In your experience is it better to have selected the fabric in advance, or look for ''full-service'' places? We are pretty ignorant about this process, so referrals to ''Martha Stewart''-type resources would also be appreciated. (To clarify, we aren't capable of ''do it yourself'' ... we just want to understand the process better!) Thanks! Not Martha

Aug 2004

I am looking for a skilled and reasonably priced upholsterer to re-do a chair and ottoman. I love the chair to sit in and it seems to be the preferred chair of vistors. Thanks for your help! hill

July 2004

I have a great old soft chair that belonged to my grandparents, Mom recovered it once, and it's in need of recovering. I've looked in the archives and the posts are all four years old. Phone numbers have changed, and some places are no longer even in the phone book. I could go to someplace like Poppy Fabric, but then would have to pay twice what the upholsterer would get. Has anyone had a chair or sofa recovered recently? Would love name and phone number. Nancy

July 2004

Has anyone used a good reasonably priced person to do upholstery in the El Cerrito area? I need a good cat damaged chair reupholstered. plc

A wonderful upholsterer in SF who, i believe, will do work in east bay too. Welsh Upholstery on 17th st and Dolores in the Mission in SF. Mike Welsh is a great upholsterer, does all kinds of work. He has done cushions, webbing, an overstuffed 50's chair and a couch for me. 415-621-3639 Liz

I had a sofa, loveseat & chair re-upholstered last year by Frank Gaitan, a really nice man who does excellent work at a very fair price (none is cheap!). He'll even pick-up & deliver. Tell him I sent you: 510-632-3437. Sandina

May 2004

We have an antique mahogany loveseat and chair that need to be reupholstered. We also live in San Francisco and would love to avoid driving across the Bay Bridge with the loveseat strapped to the roof of our car. The archives list reupholsterers in the East Bay but none in SF. Can anyone recommend a reupholsterer in SF? Larissa

March 2004

I'm looking for a quality, reasonably priced upholsterer to work on 8 dining room chairs. I welcome your suggestions. hgray

March 2004

We have two leather chairs that are in desperate need of reupholstery and in one case, some structural reconstrustion on an ottoman. We would love to keep as much of the original leather as we can. Any recommendations for someone who does quality upholstery with leather furniture? I would appreciate it so much. Contact Julia any recommendations; thank you! Julia

2003 & Earlier

Oct 2003

I have a wonderful couch that is in need of new upholstery. I found one good recommendation in the archives, but would really like a choice. Anyone have a line on someone who does this for a reasonable price? I've had a quote of $2000 (yikes!) which is more than a very nice new couch. I was hoping to SAVE some money by doing this. Linda

Sept 2003

Any recommendations for a reupholsterer in the East Bay who will work on a couch without the flame-retardant foam, but the old-fashioned way? I know the seat cushions of my cute old couch are stuffed with down. I'm not sure what kind of batting is in the couch itself. Is there a law now that requires reupholsterers to use the flame-retardant foam? If so, is there any way around that? Also, any recommendations for an ''affordable'' person for this labor-intensive service? Thanks. Laura

July 2003

I need one chair reupholstered. It is a very simple design. Can anyone suggest someone decent who doesn't charge $600? thanks, JANE

May 2003

I have a simple but very well made scandinavian-type chair (re)upholstered (sp?). I have refinished the wooden legs myself. The fabric is one piece with three seams, so it shouldn't be too expensive. Anyone out there know of someone they LIKE but don't charge an arm and a leg? (no pun intended) I live in Richmond, but will travel for good service:) jane

May 2003

RE: Where to Have Drapes Made
Carrie Bishop does very nice roman shades, upholstering and slip covers from her studio in Oakland/Emeryville. She also has a great eye for color and design. You can reach her at 652-9224. Lisa N.

April 2003

Any recommendations for skilled and creative upholsterers of older furniture? Thanks much- Christina

I recently had my 20 year old office chair reupholstered by Kay Chesterfield. They did a great job at a great price.
Kay Chesterfield 6365 Coliseum Way Oakland, CA (510) 533-5565 http:/www.reupholster.com

March 2003

Anyone looking for a good uphostery shop should consider J.C. Upholstery in Oakland's Dimond District. I just had a very positive experience getting my badly torn couch repaired by George (Jorge) Chavez. He was able to get directly to my home to sew up seams the very same day that I called him. Although it didn't need a complete reupolstery job he did a fine job fixing it. Good service and prices, I'd use him again. Tell him Rosemary sent you. Phone number: 510-536-3034 rosemary

Jan 2003

We have 3 large, old chairs that we want to get re- upholstered. Does anyone have a person or place in the Berkeley/Albany area to recommend? I would really like someone who will help with fabric choices as well as do the work. Thanks Caroline

May 2002

I was reviewing the parent site for an upholsterer and found a recommendation from Diana for Richmond Upholsterer in Richmond. Diana, if you are out there could you give me the location of the store or the telephone number? I can't seem to locate the store. Otherwise, if anyone could recommend an upholsterer in the east bay, I would appreciate it very much. mka

Jan 2002

I am looking for an upholsterer to replace fabric and padding on six dining room chairs. Mona

Sept 2001

I am trying to have some cushions recovered for a kitchen seating area, would love a recommendation for someone who can do this asap and affordably in the Oakland area. thank you, emk

April 2000

I would like to highly recommend the work of Teal Major, who posted her interest in doing upholstery work last fall. She covered a large sectional sofa for me and did an excellent job. I feel as if I have a brand new sofa, and Teal was very easy to work with! Her e-mail address is: tealmajor AT netscape.net Ann R.

From: Beth

I recommend Curt Bowles of Jennifer Ashley's (his daughter's name) for your upholstery work. He did a very nice job on our wing chair and foot stool, using fabric I had bought elsewhere, the price was reasonable (for upholstery work), and he gave us a very quick turnaround time. He also did some repairs on a few pieces of furniture, and did a very nice job on those. His shop and showroom are at the Jacuzzi street plaza in El Cerrito/Richmond and his office number is 254-5119 and shop number is 236-1934.

From: Kevin

if you aren't in a hurry to get it, College of Alameda use to have an upholstery classs that did it pretty cheaply but too awhile, might look into them.

My co-worker had some upholstry work done for her chair and sofa and was very pleased with the work that was done. She said the man who did the work is very good and his rates are reasonable. He was recommended to her by Fenton Maclaren furniture store. His name is Matt O'Reilly and his telephone number is (510) 419-0794. He is located in Oakland. Miyoko

Try Richmond Upolstery in Richmond...they're listed in the phone book. Very small funky place with really nice guys who know their business. We've used them three times over the past five years and they're always half of what everyone else charges. We had chairs covered a few years back and soon will be bringing others. We called at least 6 places for estimates and theirs was by far the cheapest and the quality of work is great. Diana