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  • Hello all, 

    I am looking for a recommendation for a professional stucco contractor who is extremely skilled at what they do. I wish to have a few proposals in hand as soon as possible, so that the work can commence. It’s for a repair on the outside of an apartment building. Thank you. 

    We recently used McKenna Plastering in San Francisco for stucco work on our home and were very pleased with their work. Highly recommended!

    We used Martin’s team on our Berkeley house and really liked their work and efficiency. +1 (510) 253-8628

  • We live in the Berkeley Hills and in the last couple of years have noticed cracks appearing in the interior plaster and there are couple of noticeable cracks in the exterior stucco. In one case, we are seeing cracks appearing around the door frame.  We had a structural engineer come and take a look when they first began appearing and he reassured us that this was due to the house settling. We have had seismic retrofitting done on the house and the foundation has been inspected 7 years ago when we first moved. But we would really like someone with experience of assessing cracks due to settling and who is also able to deliver a solution come and check it out.  Does anyone have experience with assessment and fixing in their homes?  We’d be grateful for any recommendations/advice you may have.

    What you are describing is typical for the Berkeley Hills and most of the Bay Area. We live on clay soil which expands and contracts over time. Dry years like this year make things much worse. I don't know of a house in the East Bay that doesn't have the same problem. We did a complete remodel about 20 years ago. We installed foundation piers which go down 20 - 30 feet which were to stabilize the house and prevent shifting.  Worked for about 10 years, and then cracks started developing and the doors would no longer latch. We also have a 100 year old home with earthquake renovations. One would think it would have finished settling by now.  Nope, we still get cracks in the plaster and sheetrock. About the only think you can do is have it patched and painted every so often. 

  • Sandblast stucco?

    Jul 24, 2019

    We live in a home with a weathered, peeling, lumpy, many-textured, oft-repaired stucco exterior. While looking for someone to completely redo it, we have encountered stucco folks who have bid to power wash, coat and stucco our place. But two of them recommended sandblasting first, taking it down to concrete before re-stucco. This is more expensive, but supposedly more likely to last for many years without peeling, cracking, etc.

    Does anyone know if this is true? Worth it? We are flummoxed!

    Thanks for your help!!!

    What you are being told is correct.  If you can afforded and plan on living in the house for many years get your house sandblasted first.  The paint with adhere much better than if just power washed.  If you see yourself moving in 3 to 5 years save the money for your next house.

  • Our exterior walls are leaking water into our house during rain storms. We know the waterproofing of the walls is very old and needs to be redone. Any recommendations for someone who can do waterproofing and stucco?

    Hi- my building just finished this process. We used a Project Manager to oversee the project,

    permits, contractors, etc.

    project manager is Jeff Kearny 

    jeff [at]

    contractor was Silicon Valley builders:

    ‭+1 (408) 661-1555‬

    total was about $170k.

    We are a 38 unit HOA. This project was for one large side of our building. I hope this information is helpful. It was a long process- we began January 17, 2017 and are just finishing now.

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Exterior stucco paint?

Feb 2013

We are looking to paint the exterior of our stucco house. We have gotten 5 different proposals from painters. About half are recommending elastomeric paint and the other half are recommending acrylic paint. Any one else out there recently or have painted their house with either elastomeric or acrylic? Don't want to make a wrong choice since it costs so much! PaintConfused

Yes. I have a stucco house too and recently painted. You do need elastomeric paint. Kelly Moore's is good, Benjamin Moore is good. Expensive yes, but worth it. stucco house owner

Exterior cracks in stucco

Nov 2010

We have a crack in the exterior of our house (stucco), and I'm not sure how to handle. It starts at the upper right side of a door opening and extends about 1.5 feet upward to a 10 o'clock position. It's about 1/4-inch wide in the widest spot. We didn't notice it last winter and now have some water damage on the inside--and the door no longer opens. There are also about 2 or 3 big cracks (1/4-inch wide and 1-3 ft. long) in the same area of the house, only on the interior. They are mostly around the door, emanating from the corners, but there are also some lateral ones near the floor. My question is, do we just get it repaired, or do we have someone come and evaluate whether these cracks indicate something more serious than simple cracking? Any recommendations on who we should call?

This could possibly be a Settlement Problem; one of my specialties is Settlement Correction. Your description describes what is referred to as settlement problem in some case it may be simple problem than can easily corrected or it could a very serious problem any case I would have to take a look at it.C.

Repair for exterior stucco with small pebbles

March 2010

We had doors and windows removed and now have patches of exterior wall that needs stucco. The stucco has small pebbles in it, and was probably done many years ago. The area that needs covering is equivalent to the area of one door and three small windows. I have been quoted $1000 and would like to get it done for far less than that or do it myself, if someone can tell me how to do it. Thanks

Stucco, Lathe and Plaster, Painting, Drywall, and General Handyman Alejandro Morales 510-224-6969 - happy customer

please call Andy Davis with Davis stucco. His phone number is 510 549-9911. He is a real nice guy. Take it from someone who is in the trades. You can see his work on his sit at Good luck, bill

The finish you are referring to is a thrown on dash finish. I called at least 7 guys and found Davis stucco the only guy who said he could do it, he said it was easy, and sure made look easy and the price was easy on my wallet. Contact him at 510 549-9911 His first name is Andy. bill

Best Stucco /Plastering company

Dec 2008

I own a few homes ,one of which is in the Oakland hills. I need someone to recmnd. the Best Stucco /Plastering company for the job.I'm desperate ,but still cautious about who to hire. Please help me out here. greg

For Stucco try Kirk Giordano Stucco, he is a licenced contractor in the Oakland area, His website is from there you can get his phone number, My wife and I were happy with his skill level and found him pleasant to work with which was very welcomed. P. C.

Hi, Try Kirk Giordano Plastering at (510) 521-9546 or Andy Davis stucco at (510) 549-9911 Both of these guy were proud of thier work. We looked at several jobs completed by both and decided on Kirk's plastering company and were very happy with our choice, but Andy Davis plastering was also highly recommended and did excellent work too. I would say good luck with either, but luck is the residue of being well informed and prepared. mrs. marriott

Try Kirk Giordano Plastering at 510 521-9546 and if he is too busy try Davis stucco his cell number is 209-608-6370 both work the Berkeley and Oakland area. both are very good and are on the job at all times. Both have usefull websites are are great craftmen. Remember luck is the residue of being well informed. William

Leaking in brick and stucco facade

Nov 2008

I have a brick facade across the front of my house, against a stucco wall. Last winter during the heavy wind and rains, we had water come in between the brick and the stucco, and into the interior. I need someone knowledgeable about brick & stucco who can recommend what needs to happen to prevent further leaking, whether that's repairing the existing brick, repairing the stucco, or something else. Any recommendations? Thanks! L.

If you are in need of a EXCELLENT Plaster/Stucco Man: then theres only One HE'S THE BEST !!! CONTACT: KIRK GIORDANO STUCCO & PLASTERING at (510)521-9546 OR (510) 207-0251 I was reffered to him and boy am I GLAD I called him. Very Professional,Clean,and knowlegeable when it came to any questions I had. But most impressive was that they finished ahead of schedule. And my House looks INCREDIBLE.What a MAJOR DIFFERENCE from what it used to look like.Thanks to KIRK GIORDANO STUCCO & PLASTERING my House LOOKS PRACTICALLY brand new Thank You so much Mr.KIRK GIORDANO Respectfully Greg

Repair cracking and unsightly stucco

June 2008

Hello. Looking for recommendations for stucco work for cracking and unsightly stucco. BPN archive only lists Ezell's - who has been unresponsive to my messages. Anyone other than him? Thanks so much! suja

I highly recommend you call Patrick (Paddy) Griffin, 693.5116, for your stucco work. He did a great job matching my existing stucco when I had a new door put in. Good luck! Terry

Feb 2008

Kirk Giordano Plastering Company was contracted in November of 2007 to stucco our new addition as well as stucco around 20 newly installed window and doors. We also wanted a maintenance- free color coat over the entire home to make it appear the home was recently built. We unfortunately had prior issues such as leaking walls and major cracks in the stucco that needed proper attention.

We looked at two jobs located in Berkeley off of Arlington Road next door to each other which Kirk and his brother completed and were very impressed by the results and the home owner remarks.

Kirk and his men were very professional, courteous, and really seamed to enjoy their work. They did an excellent job of clean up and did many extras without cost. I would highly recommend Kirk for any of your stucco needs. You may reach him at his home at 510 521-9546 or cell phone at 510 207-0251. J. S

2004 - 2007 Reviews

Dec 2007

My husband and I are looking to hire a licensed contractor to assist with a sizable external crack in our house between our main house and an added family room. This might require some bracing of the two parts of the house rather than just filling a crack, so we need somebody with good structural expertise and experience. We would like to get this done quickly before the rain starts. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated ASAP. diane

For cracks or anything to do with exterior stucco you could try kirk giordano plastering. He and his brother were very professional, on time and completed my project with skill and a good attitude, and cleaned up after themselves. Call him on his cell phone which is 510 207-0251 jacqui

July 2005

Looking for someone to stucco one outside wall of my house approx 12 ft x 30 ft. I am a bit of a fanatic and really do not want seams to show. Does anyone have recommendations? Leslie

We recently hired Joel Rodriguez to stucco the new addition to our home. We were so pleased with the results that we had him do the rest of the house as well, covering the old stucco. His info is:
Joel Rodriguez JR Plaster 32 Briarwood Court Brentwood, CA 94513 510-681-4666 (cell)

2003 & Earlier

2002 Can anyone recommend someone to redo exterior stucco? Thank you. Barbara

Ezell's Plastering Company of El Cerrito recently did the stucco work associated with an addition to our home, as well as seismic reinforcement. They did an artful job matching the existing stucco in both the patches and in the new construction. Ezell is a true gentleman with an old fashioned work ethic, and his crew (many are family members) was uniformly dependable, professional, courteous and highly skilled at their part of the job. Ezell's crew was on the job when Ezell promised they would be, and completed the job on time. You can reach him at 233-5498. Anne