Cracks in interior plaster and exterior stucco

We live in the Berkeley Hills and in the last couple of years have noticed cracks appearing in the interior plaster and there are couple of noticeable cracks in the exterior stucco. In one case, we are seeing cracks appearing around the door frame.  We had a structural engineer come and take a look when they first began appearing and he reassured us that this was due to the house settling. We have had seismic retrofitting done on the house and the foundation has been inspected 7 years ago when we first moved. But we would really like someone with experience of assessing cracks due to settling and who is also able to deliver a solution come and check it out.  Does anyone have experience with assessment and fixing in their homes?  We’d be grateful for any recommendations/advice you may have.

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What you are describing is typical for the Berkeley Hills and most of the Bay Area. We live on clay soil which expands and contracts over time. Dry years like this year make things much worse. I don't know of a house in the East Bay that doesn't have the same problem. We did a complete remodel about 20 years ago. We installed foundation piers which go down 20 - 30 feet which were to stabilize the house and prevent shifting.  Worked for about 10 years, and then cracks started developing and the doors would no longer latch. We also have a 100 year old home with earthquake renovations. One would think it would have finished settling by now.  Nope, we still get cracks in the plaster and sheetrock. About the only think you can do is have it patched and painted every so often.