Sandblast stucco?

We live in a home with a weathered, peeling, lumpy, many-textured, oft-repaired stucco exterior. While looking for someone to completely redo it, we have encountered stucco folks who have bid to power wash, coat and stucco our place. But two of them recommended sandblasting first, taking it down to concrete before re-stucco. This is more expensive, but supposedly more likely to last for many years without peeling, cracking, etc.

Does anyone know if this is true? Worth it? We are flummoxed!

Thanks for your help!!!

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What you are being told is correct.  If you can afforded and plan on living in the house for many years get your house sandblasted first.  The paint with adhere much better than if just power washed.  If you see yourself moving in 3 to 5 years save the money for your next house.