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  • Who do you recommend for excellent gutter repair work, add new gutter, and replace gutters? For standard & box gutters type roofs. 

    We have used Sunset Raingutters at two different properties we've owned in Berkeley. One was brown-shingle family triplex--3 stories and scary to get up on the roof of that place! The second property had two very different roofs, one steeply sloped and the other almost flat--modern style--with a problem of pooling water. James, the owner of Sunset Raingutters, and his crew did an excellent job cleaning and repairing the gutters over the years, replacing a portion in one place. Sunset Raingutters is reasonably priced, and James is friendly and courteous to boot. Here's his number:  510-(510) 601-6393.

    March 2005 Editor note: phone number is

    I have used Sunshine Gutters in Berkeley for gutter cleaning and repair/replacement and have been pleased with their work. 

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Wooden raingutter repair

March 2013

Hi, I am looking for a craftsman or company that can repair/replace the original wooden rain gutters on an architect-designed 1915 Craftsman house, as well as possibly replace or augment the standard metal downspouts to make them more effective at channeling water away from the foundation (need something less hideous than my green plastic sleeves from Ace Hardware). I am wondering if I should look for a creative roofer to do this kind of work? Or is it a design/build firm? Any suggestions welcome. Sarah

Try Grateful Gutters, Brian Onisko, 524-6666 Lynn

Look no more! Jenks Gutters in Alameda will do exactly what you need with your original wooden gutters. This gentleman is great. I have wooden gutters in my Richmond home and wanted them repaired. That is exactly what he did. He creatively took a piece of another old gutter and recycled it to a spot that my house needed to have replaced. I highly recommend him. extremely happy with my wooden gutters

I've seen enough bad gutter work by roofers to recommend against that route, especially for wood. If you decide to go with metal I can recommend Steven Jenks 510-523-0897 For a 1915 home you want someone with historic sensibility, and someone EPA certified to work with lead paint. There are a variety of gutter specialists out there, likely to do a better job than at least the average roofer. Bryce

Gutters Contractor Needed

May 2012

I'm looking to redo the gutters on our house. This is an historic home, so I'm interested in having some options that will work with the existing architecture - copper perhaps? A choice of profiles, etc. I want this done right, but I also don't want to break the bank. Any recommendations? TJR

For standard metal gutters I can recommend E-Z Gutters at 510-548-5304. For copper ones I suggest L. A. Williams Gutters at 510 525-8149. Both are local companies and do very good work. I have used them both personally. Roger

Hi! My business uses EZ Rain Gutters (510-527-9300) and we love them! They do a great job, have a friendly crew and fast service. I am always impressed by their customer service, as this is something I value as a small business owner. They do residential work as well. Lisa

Need new gutters

Sept 2011

A friend of mine cleaned my gutters and said they needed replacing. What might that typically cost and can any one recommend someone in the east bay? Thanks Ellen

We recently used E-Z rain gutters out of berkeley to replace our old ones. They were very professional and priced the lowest. They also did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves and hauling away the old gutters.They didn't try to up sell us like another highly recommended company did. Give them a call today! (510) 548-5304

I need a gutters company

Feb 2010

Any recommendations? I originally contracted with a company but they did not show up. Tammy

Elliot and Elliot replaced all our gutters and forced-air heating system. Both have worked out just fine... Reasonable rates, professional and low-key.

We're very happy with the gutters we had installed by RCR Residential & Commercial Roofing out of Hayward. They offer a nice selection of colors, good quality material, and they worked really fast. After getting a few estimates, I was glad we chose them. Their number is 538-1143. New gutters look good!

I recommend Pete Reinfranck of Aqueduct Gutters, 510-381- 7165. He's been doing this work for a very long time and is a skilled sheet metal worker. anon

Bruce Kang is extremely reliable and does quality work. His email is bkang60 [at] and his cell phone is 650- 380-8538. Julia

I can highly recommend Jose Angles of Angles' Roofing. He is fantastic. He replaced my roof (removed 3 layers of old roofing, put in downspouts and gutters - all very quickly before the rain!) I have called him back about leaks that I thought were the roof or gutters. He came out immediately, took a look and very patiently showed me exactly were my windows were leaking. On the spot he fixed them. I got lots of quotes for the roof and gutter work. He was the least expensive. I am a very happy customer! Jose's number is (415)235-7192. -Michelle

We just had Sunshine Gutters out to replace the gutters on the complicated roofline of our 1907 house and couldn't be more pleased. Several contractors we initially contacted said the job was too complex for them. Sunshine wasn't daunted at all--they are a local and family-owned business, recommended for years on BPN (how we found them). Nir and Yanay were honest and direct in giving us options to help us balance price with aesthetics. They were open to helping us save money--they encouraged us to do some of the needed house painting ourselves--and patient in answering our many questions. Our new gutters look and work great! 510-525-0880

Rain gutters contractor needed

July 2009

Can anyone recommend a contractor that specializes in custom, top-quality, galvanized steel rain gutters and downspouts (and can also do copper systems)? I am looking for someone that solders seams rather than using caulk. Thank you. Suzanne

I highly recommend Pete Reinfranck of Aqueduct Gutters. He does very reasonably priced and quality work. He did our gutters and not only are they working great, but they look great, and I cannot say that about a lot of the other homes I see. He is a very experienced sheet metal artist, and that makes all the difference. He can be reached at 510-381-7165. Lynne

Rain Gutter Installer required

Dec 2008

I had a company installing me gutters and that was a nightmare. My gutters are unleveled and its flooding my foundation. I need a recommendation for a GOOD and PROFESSIONAL company to correct the damages Tammy

What a coincidence: My mum just had a fantastic experience having her gutters repaired and improved. The neighbors saw his work and hired him too; he's working on their house now. Terence McCrary Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter 510-253-6806, cell 510-526-8216, home Terence is a lovely man. My mum met him from seeing him repeatedly at Costco - he works there as well. Jessica

We originally did our gutters ourselves and were in need of some serious help. We worked with Nir of Sunshine Gutters (510-776-9689). He was quick, *extremely* responsive (he almost always answers the phone, even on a Sunday), reasonably priced, and professional. We had our estimate within a few days, and new gutters within a week. They look professional (they are seemless) and do the job. dora

Check out Sunshine Gutters 510-5250880, we were pleasantly surprised and deeply appreciative of the experience we had with this company. The owner's name is Nirko. He is extremely professional, experienced and pleasant to work with. He responded to our inquiry almost immediately - came out, provided us with a quote and was able to start the work in a very timely manner. He answered all our questions with an in- depth understanding of the work that needed to be done and addressed all our concerns regarding materials and cost. His staff is equally professional and efficient. We had a number of unpleasant experiences in our search to have this work done and realized that finding someone experienced and honest to work with was not so easy. We found it with Nirko and Sunshine Gutters Elaina

We just had Sunshine Gutter do repair, replacement and cleaning work on our gutters and downspouts. They did a great job. We had a bad run of gutter that was causing water to come in under our back door. Several contractors in the past had told me it would be so complicated to fix that they couldn't even give me an estimate but would only do the work on a time a materials basis. Nir of Sunshine Gutters told me exacly how he would fix it and exactly how much is would cost (not that much) and I can confidently say after all this recent rain that it is definitely fixed. He also recommended repair rather then replacement of another problem gutter and that repair is successful, too. Nir and his crew were easy to work with and very reliable. I would definitely hire them again. Karen

If your still looking for a Gutter Company I would recommend,''Gorilla Gutters''. They have recieved every award imaginable, yet and still you will find there prices very competitive. I had all new gutters put up several months ago and they look beautiful! there # is 510.524.1111 Good luck, Joan

Some one to do some gutter work?

Jan 2008

Any recommendations for a good person to do some gutter work? (And after that, annual cleaning?) THx. Jodie

Jondy Smith (649-9867 & cell 418-1879) has helped with my gutters. Full disclosure: he's also a friend, so it's not exclusively a business relationship. But he does seem to do pretty thorough work. He really went out of his way not to just clean my gutters, but also to make sure leaves and branches were off my roof as well. Rahel

We recently bought a new house and needed all the gutters replaced. We looked on BPN and went with Sunshine gutters (510- 525-0880). The owner is very nice and he gave us a fair price. He and his crew showed up on time and completed the job when he said he would. They even cleaned up nicely afterwards. I was very impressed. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing gutter work done. G. B.

I have a excellent gutter cleaning company I'd like to recommend. I've used their company for over 10 years and they are reliable, affordable and guarantee their work which no one else will do. The name of the company is Sunset Raingutters and it is operated by a man named James. They can be reached at 510-601-6393. Tia

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Nov 2007

I am looking for a company to install new gutters at my home in Berkeley. Any recommendations? I originally contracted with Acker & Guerrero to perform the work, but they did not show up as scheduled. Thank you. Hannah

We finished our remodel and found that our old gutters could not be salvaged. Are there any recommendations for someont to install seamless gutters and downspouts?

We have used Gorilla Gutters,(510)524-1111, for the past couple years for all our gutter work,installs and cleans, and we are so happy to have found them! They usually suggest to have installs done before or after the rainy season because they get very busy with maintenance calls, but it's worth calling for an estimate. They couldn't be nicer people!! We have a 2500 sq.ft house and installed seamless aluminum gutters, which have held up great and look GORGEOUS-they even gave us a book of colors to choose from! HAPPY HUNTING! Teresa J.

I just wanted to recommend Sunshine Gutters. We used them after having a really difficult experience with a roofing company who had said that they could replace our gutters but more than once made gross errors when hanging/installing them. We called Sunshine Gutters(this October) and they did a very nice job. We worked with a gentleman named Nir (sp?) who was friendly, trustworthy and helpful. He advised us well and his workers were professional. I really recommend these guys. They can be reached at: 510-776-9689 Christina

I suggest you call Byron at Grateful Gutters, 510.524.6666. They are very competent and fairly priced. Terry

I used Sunshine Gutters a few times in 2 of the different houses I have owned. They do installation of all different kinds of gutters (a neighbor had them install those beautiful copper gutters) and they also do regular cleaning. My house has a lot of different levels and it has foundation issues so they had to figure out new ways for my gutters to be installed and for the rainwater to be diverted. They are very reliable and friendly, have excellent and creative workmanship and have reasonable rates. You can call Nir, the owner, at (510) 525-0880.

I have a somewhat complicated house (gutterly speaking) and they didn't blink an eyelash at what it would take to clean and/or repair the gutters. Also, my foundation had gotten very saturated and they worked quickly to divert the rainwater which seems to have helped to make the foundation considerably drier. I recently saw something written here about them saying that they hadn't returned a phonecall but I wanted to say that has never been my experience with them the several times I've used them. They do get busy in the fall when the rain starts so sometimes it takes a little longer than usual but I have found them incredibly punctual and thorough. Ownership changed a few years back and the new owner, Nir, is very nice to work with. Their number is 510-525-0880. Allison

I have been using Sunshine gutters (510-525-0880) for a few years. They have done installation and repair to my gutters and rain spouts, also yearly cleaning. Aside from their skill, work and ability to answer my questions, I appreciate their communication skills and customer service. They are a ''mom & pop'' business run by Nir and some employees. Nor is a U.S. citizen, has a charming accent and interesting life story - I have appreciated his engaging personality and attention to details. Last time he came to clean, at his own choice he worked on his day off to accommodate my time frame. I hope this review is helpful because I want to do my best to support small businesses like this one. jessica

Oct 2007

We noticed a leak into our basement when it was raining. Can anyone recommend the services of someone that can help? Also, we may need our gutters replaced. Are there any recommendations for this too? Thanks so much! Preparing for rain

After the first rain of the year I too had water coming into the basement of my house. A friend recommended I call, ''Gorilla Gutters''. They were very prompt and polite and I can happily say that there is no longer water coming through my basement or living room walls! They get my 4 star rating. You can call there office at (510)524-1111. Mrs Connors

Sept 2007

We are looking for someone to replace our old gutters. Has anyone had this type of work done recently? Any recommendations or advice? I found a few old postings on this topic, but most were quite old. Thanks!

I recentley had new gutters installed by a wonderful company called,''Gorilla Gutters''. When I called a wonderful women by the name of Christina answered the phone and answered all my questions. Christina arranged for someone to come by and give me a free estimate the same day. When it came time to do the job, the crew was prompt, polite and professional. They were so nice I didnt want them to leave! The new gutters couldn't look better! The design works well and enhances the appearance of our home. Gorilla Gutters has a website, or you can reach them directly at (510)524-1111. I hope this helps! tlc

I recentley had new seamless gutters installed on my home by a company called, ''Gorilla Gutters''. I could not be more pleased. I heard of them through a very reputable book called, ''The Good Service Guide'', and then my neighbor referred me to them as well. They are extremeley prompt,professional and polite. You will love them! GOOD LUCK calber

Having recently research on the BPN in vain for recent recommendation for gutter installers, I wanted to share a positive experience with Sunshine Gutters (510-525-0880). We had them replace all of the gutters on our house. They gave me a fair price and ended up working very hard to do the job right. Our gutters were not a standard job in that they required a special accommodation for sloped facia boards. The installers were very diligent in doing the job right and worked well to coordinate installation with our house painter. Go Bears/Giants berkeley mom

Copper Gutters

June 2007

I have become enamored with a house on my street that recently had copper gutters installed. They look fantastic and I've been daydreaming about having them installed on my home. I've tried researching their usefulness on the internet, but haven't come up with much. Can anyone tell me -- pros/cons of having copper gutters, how much more they cost compared to typical gutter installation, and who in the area has experience installing them? Thanks! Turning copper with envy.

I, too, love the look of copper gutters and recently (last week!) got a quote. They are much more expensive than aluminum. For instance, the price quoted to me for aluminum gutters on my small Berkeley hills home was about $1,600. For copper: Over $6,000. There was an article in last Sunday's Chronicle discussing the rising price of copper -- I guess they were right. love those copper gutters too!

Copper gutters are about $17/foot versus $6/foot for regular. They don't rust, but neither does aluminimum. Main difference is just the looks. You could try Yorkshire Guttering out of Livermore.

Hi, I had copper gutters installed by a company called,''Gorilla Gutters''. One of copper gutters biggest benefits [pro] are that they last forver!They are also extremley beautiful. The main con is the price. If I remember right, copper gutters cost 5-6 times more then aluminum. I heard about Gorilla Gutters from a friend and then found them in a highly reputable book called,''The Good Service Guide''. Their phone # is 510-524-1111. I hope this helps. teresa

Nov 2006

We recently had Adrian Gomez replace all of our gutters and downspouts. He was excellent, taking the time to explain what needed to be done and why. His bid was not inflated. He also was very professional throughout. He and his helper worked extremely hard, and they did a thorough cleanup after the gutters were in place. They even cleaned up our leaves, not part of the job. While we didn't have him do our roof, I'm sure he would be just as competent in that area as well. He's a real artisan who takes pride in his work and in satisfying his customers. Lily

2003 & Earlier

Nov 2004

We're looking for some recommendations for gutter installation. We don't need the whole house redone, but we do have a couple of areas that are missing gutters. I'd interested in hearing from folks who have recently had work done and were pleased with the service. Thanks for any advice! Sarah

For gutter installation, we used Russ Elliot, 510 763 1300. They replaced all of our gutters and downspouts. Overall I was pleased with the outcome, although we had one problem along the way - during the first heavy rain, we noticed that one section was not draining as well as it could. They came back without fuss and repitched it so that it would be more steeply angled and everything works great now. Loraine

Sept 2004

We're looking for someone to repair/replace part of an old redwood gutter on our house. Any suggestions? Thanks so much, Lilly

All postings seem dated for people who are recommended for replacing gutters. Any new ideas? Anon

I know a great gutter replacement, installation and cleaning company. It's called Sunshine Gutters and their number is (510)525-0880. Susan

Jan 2004

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy person/company who can repair or replace it at reasonable cost? One part of our rain gutter (about 8 feet long) came off from joints. We talked with couple of people (a contructer and one company) but both recommended me to replace a whole rain gutter which can cost thousands. I would like to talk to others to see what my options are (whether I should really replace the whole thing or I can repair just the damaged section.) Mika

I just had my rain gutters repaired and I think the person I used was really fair and gave really good prices. He's very honest too, my neighbors wanted to install new rain gutters but he advised them to wait until they got the roof repairs done. His company is called Sunshine Gutters and his number is 510-525-0880. Ask for Sagi. He's really good. Rachel

Call Sagi Erez at Sunshine Gutters for help with your gutters. His cell phone is 525-0880. If there is a cheaper solution than replacing the whole length of gutter he will find it. I highly recommend him. Jenny


We need someone to power wash and seal the redwood on our deck (it's looking rather green these days). And we also need to have gutters installed on one side of our house. Any recommendations for either job? Julianna

Hello, I am a general contractor I do small carpenter, painting and repair jobs. Decks, doors, interior painting, some tile, and flooring. License # 333-913 References upon request. I do excellent work. I show up and I get the project done in a timely manner and within budget. Call for a consultation, leave name and # and best time to call. 510-339-3304 Richard

To the person who wanted gutters installed, we used Russ Elliot Inc and were very pleased with the whole process and the final result. I found them professional to deal with and am happy with my new gutters - we replaced all of our old, leaking gutters. Their number is 510 763 1300.


I have used Sunset Raingutters (James is the owner) for several years now on my complicated, three story house. He has done a great job for me each time for a reasonable charge, and has even come back during the season to unclog a clogged gutter free of charge. I'd highly recommend him. Rscarmen

March 2005 Editor note: phone number is (510) 601-6393