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  • Gutter Cleaner

    Feb 24, 2024

    With so much rain recently we noticed one of our gutters on the second floor roof of our house has become blocked and the water pours over the edge rather than going into the downspout. We would appreciate recommendations for a reliable and qualified company or even an individual who would be able to clean out the gutter for us. Thank you.

    I highly recommend EZ Raingutters. I use them for my home and my office building. They are reliable, reasonably priced, and locally owned. Email them at ezraingutters [at]

    We use every year, they are fast! $315 for all our gutters of our single story home.

    We have used Sunshine gutters in Berkeley with good results. They clean, also replace gutter covers, and one time they changed our our entire back gutter because it fell off in the rain.  Good communication and clean work.

    I use EcoTech. They are good and they don’t try to upsell you.

    I just used Gorilla Gutters and wish I could recommend them, but I can't. They charged an exorbitant fee ($375) for 20-25 minutes of work -- basically, about $1000/hour!. The workers left a mess of leaves and roof debris in the backyard and didn't clean the dirt off of my front stairs and driveway. I can't understand how they have good reviews on yelp. I hope someone here recommends a better company.

  • My wonder go-to guy for window and gutter cleaning is MIA.  Recommendations for someone who does either or both would be much appreciated. 

    I have used Light Stream. They are great. I think the owner Andy Brown is local. Maybe Albany or El Cerrito?

    We recently had a great experience with Luis Mora, who did both windows & gutter cleaning. He was super responsive & professional. l.windowwash [at] 

    We used Sunshine Gutters for the past few years and have been happy with them. 

  • Gutters

    Dec 27, 2020

    Hi I need rain gutters cleaned. Small house, not a big job. Looking for reasonably priced, competent company.  Last posting for this topic 2013. Any more up to date recommendations? Thank you.

    GRC Roofing just did our gutters. They did a great job and were super affordable. They're based in SF at 415. 695.0101.

    I like these people.

    Fast, thorough, they send you pictures and they don’t try to upsell you. Email is the best way to reach them if I remember correctly. 

    We have used Sunset Raingutters 510 549-4849 for years. We found them on BPN. They call us in the Fall to schedule a day, they do a good job, and they leave the bill on our front door. So we don't have to remember, or be here when they come. Very satisfied.

    Rene Franco does a great job. We use him also for window cleaning

    (510) 375-7826

    We’ve used Grateful Gutters (in Berkeley) for over 15 years and they are always dependable, nice and do good work. Their fees are reasonable but their winter schedule fills up fast so don’t wait until the last minute to call and schedule, it may take awhile.

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Someone to clean out our rain gutters

Oct 2011

Any recommendations for someone who could help us clean out our rain gutters and install screens in them (so they don't fill with leaves). Much appreciated! S.

I think Grateful Gutters is excellent. They are thorough and really conscientious. # is 510.524.6666. RW

Gutters -- cover them or not?

Feb 2010

We just moved to a house that has a big redwood tree very close to a corner of the house. We had the gutters cleaned after the first rain in the fall and they were very clogged (thank you previous owners!) I am getting some very strong advice from a family member to have the gutters covered with screens, to prevent further clogging, but when I asked the gutter company about that they were very opposed to it and said that they have to take the covers off anyway, to clean the gutters, so they thought it was a bad idea. They recommended that they come out 2x a year to clean and unclog. The tree sheds continually. Thoughts? Andrea

I also live in a house surrounded by redwoods that shed constantly. I installed gutter covers about 5 or 6 years ago and they work quite well. I still have to have my gutters cleaned annually, but usually only once a year. I try to time the cleaning to be after the gusty winds that seem to blow all the needles off the trees in early October, but before the first heavy rains in late October. I have seen a real improvement with the gutter covers. Good luck! L

Cover them, then you won't have to have them cleaned, or only every few years. Make sure you have the covers attached under the roofing so that they make a continuation of the roof pitch over the gutter. The water goes in the gutter, and the leaves eventually fall over the edge. A cheap way roofers sometimes do it is just to tuck the screen inside the gutter in a little hump, so half the leaf material gets caught on the uphill side. Also check that the gutters are angled to have the downpipes at the lowest point - I couldn't believe that our gutters (which have the downpipes three feet from the corners of the building) are angled to have their lowest point PAST the downpipe, so they continue to overflow in heavy rain, even when clogging is definitely not the issue. Fiona

Experience with gutter inserts?

Dec 2009

Gutter inserts Has anyone tried using gutter inserts as a way of keeping home gutters clear? The name brands are Rain Flow, Gutter Stuff, Gutter Brush, and Gutterpiller. There may be other brands. Has this been successful? What brand did you use? How many years without cleaning? Where there problems with the inserts? What type of debris clogs your gutters? Regular leaves? Pine needles? Soot from a nearby freeway? Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.

I just used the ones from Home Depot. They are not expensive, and have been working very well for years. Part of my house has the white coated ones, and in another area I used the aluminum. Both seem to be just as good. It's just that the white panel type are easier to put in than the aluminum rolls, and they look better. BUT NO ONE CAN SEE THEM ANYWAY - LOL. Good luck. Marilyn

Jan 2008

Sunshine Gutters was an immense help with our nearly 100 year old home. We worked with a gentleman named Nir, and he couldn't have been more professional. He was timely in his phone contact and his appointments to our home. He offered our different options without pressure and even did some trouble shooting for us without charging us for that portion. The company is a small and the people are lovely. We highly recommend Sunshine Gutters. They can be reached at 510-525 -0880, or Erin

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Feb 2007

SUNSHINE GUTTERS: Last year I had gutters, downspouts, etc installed by this company, run by a man named Nir now. I appreciated Nir's polite attitude during our initial phone call and during the appointment itself. Recently they came back to do some cleaning and again the service was good. I would recomend them. satisfied!

Oct 2006

Is there a good time to have my gutters cleaned? Many people say spring, while others say fall. Does anyone have a preference? Katherine

We usually wait until we are certain all the fall leaves have finished dropping, for us usually late November/early Dec. anon

With the rainy season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to have your gutters cleaned. We use a company called ''Gorilla Gutters''. I find them to have very fair prices and excellent service. They give free estimates. Their phone # is 510-524-1111. I give them my highest recommendation! teresa Sept 2006

Looking for updated recommendations for Gutter cleaning/repair since BPN recommendations are a bit out of date. Do you know of a great company or person to do the job? WE have essentially a 2 story square house but the gutters are too high for us to reach with any of our ladders so we need someone who can do it well, safely, and not too expensively. Thanks
Full Gutters

I noticed my gutters needed to be cleaned when it rained last thursday and water was overflowing. I called ,''Gorilla Gutters'' and recieived a free estimate within just 1 hour. Two hours later a very nice gentlemen by the name of James showed up with his crew. They all were very professional. I would give them my highest recommendation. There phone number is 510-524-1111. E- mail me if you would like more information.

March 2006

I just used Sunset Raingutters again for a new property and was reminded why I love them. James is a great guy and often calls to remind me when it's time for our yealy service. They are highly recommended on this site and I can see why. They can be reached at (510) 601-6393 Tia

Feb 2006

I would like to recommend Excellent Window and Carpet Cleaning, (510) 540-6377, for gutter and window cleaning. Despite their name, they provide a variety of cleaning services. I recently used them for gutter cleaning, and have had them do my windows several times. (I have not tried their carpet cleaning.) Their prices are reasonable, their workers are efficient, and the owner, Olivier, is very conscientious. Cheryl

Based on the enthusiastic posts regarding Sunshine Gutters, I engaged their services. As stated, Sagi did a conscientious job, was easy to reach, and was always aware of both aesthetics and function.

Nov 2005

For those looking for gutter service I would like to recommend Sunset Raingutters. They have cleaned my gutters for the past 20 years and have always been professional, respectful and responsive to our needs. Every year they call us ahead of time to schedule our yearly cleaning and complete the job in a timely fashion. The owner's name is James and he can be reached at (510) 601-6393. Feel free to e-mail if you have questions. tiah

I scheduled to have my gutters cleaned by Sunset Raingutters after seeing several references in these pages. They didn't show up after several weeks but I know this is a busy time so I didn't push it. Finally, I called them up to see what was going on. They said they couldn't clean my gutters due to some problems with employees. I'm sorry to pile on if the guy is already having trouble with his business, but he could have at least called to tell me he wasn't going to come. He also ignored a subsequent call to speak to me personally. Needless to say, it's now more difficult to finde someone else as it is later in the season. So, my advice is be careful before you use the other recommendations for Sunset Raingutters. Bruce

June 2005

dependable & affordable gutter cleaning
i recently had my gutters cleaned by an outfit called service wizards. the owner himself, brandon shabazz, came out and serviced our overloaded gutters. brandon was prompt (number 1!), professional, and courteous. he was also thorough and pleasant. brandon even cleaned up after he was finished...imagine that! i just wanted to share this with those of you who might need your gutters cleaned in the future. i'll be calling brandon's outfit again. the contact info for service wizards is 510.346.6700. they're out of san leandro and are often in oakland, berkeley and well beyond. from what i understand, they also clean windows, tint them, apply safety/security film, home power washing and a whole host of other things i don't have time to do but will call on them to do in the future. i don't work for brandon's company...just pleased with the service. hence my post. anne

Dec 2004

Sunset Raingutters, a company that is highly recommended on the Berkeley Parents Network site, has a new phone number. It is (510) 601-6393. They do gutter cleaning, installation and repair and give free estimates. Drop me an email if you have questions. Tia

2003 & Earlier


Looking for a rec for someone who cleans rain gutters. Thanks - archiepug

I recently used LightStream for our gutters. They were great. They also do window cleaning. You can reach Andy Brown at 510.559.8222. - Amy