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  • Driveway Repair

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    We need to repair our driveway and the recommendations for concrete contractors on the website are from 2010 and earlier.  Can anyone provide a recent recommendation?  Thanks!

    RE: Driveway Repair ()

    Last Nov we had our driveway repaired by Diamond Concrete Construction. It was quite a job - and they did EXCELLENT work.  They were timely and professional. I highly recommend them!

  • Driveway expansion

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    Hi, I wanted to check-in with the BPN universe and see if there is anyone out there who can point me in the direction of someone/company that could possibly help us expand our driveway. I looked through old reviews and non were current or relevant. Thanks!


    RE: Driveway expansion ()

    This is in reply to the request for someone to help with a driveway expansion project. We would like to recommend you speak with Antonio Medrano. His number for calls or texting is 510 677 3950. His e-mail address is tonymedrano25 [at] We have been Kensington residents since the 1970s and have known Antonio for many years. We do not know if Antonio has done this type of project before, but it may be worth your while to check with him.

    In addition to being an excellent hard worker and a person of impeccable integrity, Antonio is thoughtful, sincere, and polite. We have relied on Antonio for many years to do all of our internal and external home repair and maintenance. Everything that Antonio has ever done for our home has been of the highest quality and attention.

    As examples, Antonio prepped and painted the inside and outside of our home in Kensington, and repaired and painted the moulding on our house's windows, removing soft wood and then patching and painting.  In addition he has done the following work for us: flooring, fencing, deck repair and construction, stonework, tilework, garden work, retaining walls. We recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.